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Matthew Stafford is now a member of the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams will likely have a deep playoff run in 2021 and the next decade will be full of good times for Rams fans. However, if Stafford does not work out as intended, Sean McVay might be the next one in the crosshairs. Here is why.

If Stafford Fails, McVay May Be In Trouble

New Quarterback Disappoints? McVay Is Next

The Rams are a win-now franchise in 2021. They’ve bet the farm on players and coaches multiple times. Jared Goff, who Head Coach Sean McVay has been stuck with during his tenure, is gone. Now, McVay has his guy. For Sean McVay, there are no more excuses. Basically, McVay is in a “Super Bowl or bust” moment. 

If Matthew Stafford does not go further than the Rams did with Jared Goff last year, his addition will seem meaningless and real doubts about the entire system will come into play. First, McVay will be looked at. The Rams will start to wonder if Sean McVay can be the one to get over the hump. That said, if the Rams make the NFC title game or further, McVay has earned another doubt-free year. 

On the other hand, if the Rams win a Super Bowl, Sean McVay will likely have solidified himself as the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams for the next decade, similar to Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 


Overall, there are high stakes for Sean McVay’s future depending on how 2021 goes. He can either create massive doubts, buy another year, or solidify his future for the next decade. In other words, 2021 could be a career-shaping year for the young coach. 

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