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Houston Texans Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Recap

The Houston Texans have two games left this season, but judging by their effort this past Sunday,  the team should just forfeit the rest of the season. Save some face, move on from what started as an exciting season and focus on the draft. There needs to be some serious changes, and there is justifiable fear that those changes will not be made.

AFC South

The Texans traveled to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars in a pivotal division matchup. Over the past few years, the Texans haven’t had much competition in the AFC South. Andrew Luck hasn’t been healthy for about 2 years now, and the Colts haven’t been much of a threat without him. The Titans have gotten better since drafting Marcus Mariota, but they still have work to do. The Jaguars have been a laughing stock for about 10 years now, but are now the kings of the south.

A Blow-Out

At the half, the score was 31-0 in favor of the Jaguars. Thirty-one… to zero. Blake Bortles was throwing darts, picking the defense apart. Were the Texans playing in the first half? Were they short a man on defense? This Texans defense might be the worst it has been in years. There are no pass rushers and the secondary is atrocious, overrated and overpaid.

Clueless Secondary

In the 2015 NFL Draft, the Texans picked Kevin Johnson, a cornerback from Wake Forest. Many fans were happy because they thought the team finally had another corner that could potentially replace Kareem Jackson.

He has faced injury after injury since his rookie season and has regressed tremendously. It is possible that he is the worst corner on the team, including Jackson, who has been one of the most overrated corners in the past 10 years. Johnson has had ONE interception in three seasons of being in the NFL. Yes, that bad.

Every player in the Texans secondary are just below average and it is time to move on from them. But in order to move on from them, there needs to be a competent general manager in office to see that changes are needed.

But, Rick Smith is the GM, and knowing his track record, all of those cornerbacks will be back next season. Head Coach Bill O’Brien may be getting the boot after this season, but Rick Smith should be the one that is fired immediately. Hopefully, changes are in the near future.

Danielle Herrera

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