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The Houston Texans traveled to Baltimore on Monday to face the Baltimore Ravens. This game was supposed to be interesting for the fact that neither team featured an efficient offense. After all, this is the Deshaun Watson-less Houston Texans we are talking about. Interesting would not be the word to describe this game, snooze-fest better fits it.


Tom Savage is the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. I think that it explains itself but allow me to go into detail. Matthew Stafford has played in 11 games this season and has six fumbles in those games, which is the second most in the NFL. Savage has started in five games this season and has 12 fumbles in total. Understand those numbers and that will paint the picture for how bad Tom Savage has been this season.

Last week, Savage had an okay showing. He threw for two touchdowns and actually made some good plays to continue to advance the ball down the field. He led Texans fans to believe he could turn his season around. Then he goes into Baltimore and reminds us why he lost his starting job after the first half of the first game of the 2017 NFL season.

He fumbled the ball on a very important drive that could have given the lead to the Texans. Down 23-16 with two minutes left and no timeouts remaining, attempting to lead his team into the endzone, he throws an interception. He was baited into the throw and he took it, right into the hands of the linebacker. It was so bad that I wouldn’t mind Bill O’Brien just chalking the season up and throwing T.J. Yates into the game. I believe he would’ve given the team a better shot at winning than Savage which is sad to say.

Where’s The Defense?

Baltimore Ravens defense has had a great season. Their defense got off to a slow start but they were able to finish the game for the Ravens. Houston Texans defense? Non-existent. It’s amazing to see the flaws Watson was able to disguise with his phenomenal play. Granted, the Texans defense is depleted with injuries but this defense is still unable to do the simple things that are asked of a professional defense. The secondary is clueless back there and have been obvious for the entire season without Watson. The fans are tired of watching it and they make it practically impossible to win.

On To Week 13

The Houston Texans will face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in Houston. This could be a win for the Texans but I am hoping not. Jimmy Garoppolo will be making his first start for the team in this game and I am more than positive that he will pick this defense a part and lead his team to a narrow win. The season is over for the Houston Texans and myself like every other Texans fan is looking forward to the offseason.

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