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Hall of Fame

Gold-berg! Gold-berg! Gold-berg!

The chant just feels natural. It flows so perfectly when the music hits. Bill Goldberg is one of the most influential wrestlers of all time, and we finally get to see him take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame. The man boasts the second longest win streak in wrestling, falling only behind Asuka who has yet to be handed a loss. Goldberg owns the win/loss record of 173 wins with 0 losses. Goldberg has paved the way for how to have a proper squash match, and how to always come off as a total hybrid of a human and a beast.

Goldberg has finally been elected to the WWE Hall of Fame, and we have an incredible legacy left in his wake. He had so much influence during the Attitude Era and has influenced many of the wrestlers on the roster today. Tuning in weekly was simply a game of “who will Goldberg spear in half next?” He was constructed almost perfectly from start to finish.

Goldberg had possibly the coolest entrance of all time. His music was fitting, as it felt like a film score where the triumphant return occurs. It just gets that fire in the belly feeling that you can’t describe better than that. The video that goes with it is amazing. Goldberg shows up on screen with a security escort and he is usually doing something crazy to get himself psyched up. He will be headbutting the wall and/or slapping himself to just get that insane man vibe you get from a true fighter.

Once he finally makes it to the stage, he has pyro just hitting him. That’s freaking nuts. The heat is just blasting him, and he breathes in the pyro smoke to blow it out and appear to be breathing fire. Goldberg then throws a few punches and a kick just to truly get his opponent nervous. Talk about making an entrance.

The in-ring work was no slouch either. First off, you have a huge human that used to play professional football standing across from his opponent. Second, he is a freak athlete. Goldberg would just throw people around because he is big and strong enough to do that. Not only is Goldberg a freak strength wise, but he was agile enough to do backflips as an evasive maneuver. The man was simply perfect for his role of the unbeatable Goldberg. He was the only person that could go in the ring for simply a few seconds instead of minutes, and have it be totally believable.

The Spear followed by the Jackhammer. The perfect finishers for Goldberg. It’s all part of this incredible mystique that was created to show how much of a perfect character Goldberg was. Bill Goldberg was the perfect size to have these moves because he was strong enough to make them totally believable too. The spear was Goldberg paying homage to his NFL career. It just makes sense that he knows how to spear a man in half.

Then the way he was able to just lift everyone in a vertical suplex and hold them for a few seconds before capping it off by landing with his own bodyweight on top. A vertical suplex alone is thought to be devastating because it allows all the blood to rush to the victim’s head, but Goldberg would then slam the opponent and land on top to secure the pin.

Goldberg was the perfect construction of simplicity to show the complexity of fandom. He wasn’t unnecessarily flashy, but he was able to get a huge respect from the locker room and every fan in an arena. He set the stage for everything that every wrestler wants to be. He was debatably the best. Bill Goldberg just has one thing lingering in his fans minds’: What’s next?

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