Former Los Angeles Rams QB Notices Interesting Tweak in a Key Area of Offense

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As the Los Angeles Rams work toward Week 1 of the 2024 season, everyone is keeping an eagle eye on all of the changes that have been made. One particularly keen eye recently commented on one of the larger changes to the offense that could take some getting used to for Matthew Stafford.

Former Rams quarterback, Jim Everett noted that the change at center, from Coleman Shelton to Steve Avila, equates to an adjustment period at one of the most important spots on offense; the ball exchange between the center and quarterback.

Former Los Angeles Rams QB Notes Small, But Important Change

Since joining the Rams in 2021, Stafford has taken snaps from four different centers, Avila being the fourth. Everett notes that there is a change in the handoff from a left-handed to a right-handed snapper. Stafford has received the ball from two righties and two lefties. But in an exclusive interview with LAFB, Everett said there is always an adjustment period with a new center, saying “Every center has his own quirks and their own setup…QBs have to just adjust to it.”

Everett also said that this circumstance isn’t outside of the ordinary and not an area of concern, but compared it to a lesser degree to receiving kicks from a left-footed kicker.

“Maybe it’s just a bigger deal with punters than snappers but same concept, the spin.”

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