Fantasy Mock Draft For Each Draft Position

Thaddeus Kline
Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott. Photo Credit: Brook Ward | Under Creative Commons License
Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott. Photo Credit: Brook Ward | Under Creative Commons License

Fantasy freaking football is back baby. This is the last weekend of baseball being the only thing to watch and the good ol’ NFL coming back to our lives. We all love to football, we love to watch football, but mainly, we all love to play fantasy football. Needless to say, football is in the air and fantasy is stuck in our nasal glands. This week’s article is going to be dedicated primarily towards your draft picks.

Nothing is worse than loving the game of pigskin but sucking at fantasy. When you can’t trash talk your buds or rub your score in your coworker’s face, what’s the point? Without the skills to pay the bills, your team may run flat, this article should help that.

I thought it would be beneficial to do a mock draft (on the ESPN Fantasy Football App) to try and gauge where a team could land by the end of the draft. Of course, when you do a mock draft, you only control one team. For this article, I ran 12 mock drafts in all 12 spots and picked as if I were in a normal 12 man PPR league.

Fantasy Mock Draft For Each Draft Position

Pick 1

1.1 – Saquon Barkley

2.12 – Amari Cooper

3.1 – Adam Thielen

4.12 – A.J. Green

5.1 – James White

6.12 – Robby Anderson

7.1 – Tevin Coleman

8.12 – Courtland Sutton

9.1 – Carson Wentz

10.12 – Eric Ebron

11.1 – D.K. Metcalf

12.12 – Golden Tate

13.1 – Giovani Bernard

14.12 – Jameis Winston

15.1 – Eagles Defense

16.12 – Mason Crosby

Without a doubt, Barkley should be considered in all drafts, the number 1 pick. There is debate over this with Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey in the PPR drafts, but PPR or not, Barkley should be the man. Of course, picking first has its issues with the next 22 best players being picked but that’s where the double pick might come to an advantage. RB first means I need some WRs, so doubling on Cooper and Thielen were the best options available. Julian Edelman was available but with Tom Brady playing with time, Edelman could not be a gamble to take. With three picks done, some support is definitely needed, RB is my main issue with little of a pool left and the WRs aren’t substantial either.

I decided to fill the flex with Green and my RB2 with White. Since I am drafting A.J. Green I know another WR must be in my future. James White is the second back in the New England offense but he and Sony Michel share enough of the backfield to go around. At least these were my feelings when convincing myself that I needed another RB and White was a player with some edge.

Anderson and Coleman were the following pair, both for depth, and were selections that happened to slide my way. Robby Anderson is the number 1 WR in the Jets offense and same with Coleman for RB, though Matt Breida might want to say otherwise. Sutton and Wentz came next.

Admittedly Sutton might not have been the best option with a new QB, Joe Flacco, but in PPR, depth reigns king in the league.

Wentz was my 9th pick, maybe a little early for some but I remember the draft began to run toward QBs and Wentz was the best I could get my hands on.

Ebron and Metcalf were next, Metcalf was again depth in WR but Ebron was picked thinking Andrew Luck was going to be his QB. Of course, we can’t time these things and this real event had happened the day after my “Mock Draft Research,” so bear with me.

Instead of Ebron at TE, this late in the draft it might be hard to find better than Trey Burton but mend the wounds where you see fit.

The next three picks are more depth and my last picks were my K and Defense. Kickers and Defense I usually wait until the “teens” rounds because there’s usually better out there but sometimes you must draft accordingly and roll with the league’s tide.

Pick 2

1.2 – Alvin Kamara

2.11 – Keenan Allen

3.2 – Amari Cooper

4.11 – Mark Ingram II

5.2 – Calvin Ridley

6.11 – Jarvis Landry

7.2 – Miles Sanders

8.11 – Larry Fitzgerald

9.2 – Courtland Sutton

10.11 – Trey Burton

11.2 – Kyler Murray

12.11 – Kenny Stills

13.2 – Jameis Winston

14.11 – Jake Elliott

15.2 – Mark Andrews

16.11 – Panthers Defense

With the second pick, McCaffrey or Kamara would suffice. Personally I trust the Saints offense more so than Carolina’s but to each their own. Again going RB means I need WR, so Allen and Cooper were lucky enough to be selected for my teams. Allen is a solid pick but I did select Cooper with a grain of salt. Dak Prescott has a lot to prove this year and with Ezekiel Elliott still playing the “Le’Veon Bell Game,” so Cooper and Prescott could have a very friendly partnership for the first few games.

That, or Cooper is going to get stuffed and be a regrettable pick, so if that’s your thought by the 25th pick, all the Rams receivers should still be available, same with Kenny Golladay or that guy Julian Edelman.

The 4th and 5th picks, again, were filling the starting lineup. The Ravens like to run the ball so Ingram is a nice pick and by the 50th pick in the draft, there was some slim pickin’s for quality WRs so Ridley was selected.

Picks 6 and 7 filled more depth. Landry being on the up and coming Browns offense and Sanders coming from the shared backfield in Philly.

Picks 8 and 9 were more WR depth, again I picked Sutton (I must like Joe Flacco subconsciously) and the prosperous dinosaur Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, though old, is being supplied a new QB which could give new blood to the seasoned WR.

Burton was my 10th pick since the TE slot needed to be filled still and he is the starter in Chicago.

Hey, look at that the new blood Kyler Murray was my 11th pick but this was a gamble. I knew this going in which is why he was not my only QB. The rest of my picks, minus Elliott and the Panthers Defense, were more depth to the team. Shots in the dark for the most part.

Pick 3

1.3 – Alvin Kamara

2.10 – Antonio Brown

3.3 – Devonta Freeman

4.10 – Alshon Jeffery

5.3 – Tyler Boyd

6.10 – Dede Westbrook

7.3 – Tevin Coleman

8.10 – Russell Wilson

9.3 – Larry Fitzgerald

10.10 – Anthony Miller

11.3 – Dion Lewis

12.10 – Mark Andrews

13.3 – Albert Wilson

14.10 – Browns Defense

15.3 – Mason Crosby

16.10 – Jacoby Brissett

I went Kamara again, surprise but it was a surprise to me how this mock draft would turn out. This had to be my least favorite of the teams because of the positions I was put through.

In this draft, WRs were going off the board like crazy, so I was left with AB. After that, I was pretty heartbroken on WRs and went RB to try and mend the team but that shot me in the foot. Jeffrey and Boyd were my next picks which were less than impressive.

Boyd at least might be a safe gamble with A.J. Green always nursing an injury. A ton of WRs were taken again so I had to pick Westbrook for some kind of depth and luckily Coleman fell into my lap.

The motion of the draft split between WRs and QBs, so I went the inverse grabbing a pretty little piece in Russell Wilson and then some Fitzgerald.

I went Miller and Lewis for depth, along with Wilson and Andrews, is again a late TE pick. Crosby and the Browns Defense finished my lineup but with my last pick, I thought it might be interesting to go Brissett since Luck had retired.

Yes if you are curious I did this mock draft on the day of the retirement. This mock draft was also unique because it displayed some different currents in the draft room. Sometimes when one guy picks WR, then the next, then the next, and it goes against your research, you might have to pick up on that and adjust your picking orders. That’s why I went Wilson a little earlier than I was comfortable, but what makes us uncomfortable, makes us better.

Pick 4

1.4 – David Johnson

2. 9 – Keenan Allen

3.4 – Nick Chubb

4.9 – Alshon Jeffery

5.4 – D.J. Moore

6.9 – Sterling Shepard

7.4 – Austin Ekeler

8.9 – Eric Ebron

9.4 – Courtland Sutton

10.9 – Lamar Jackson

11.4 – Anthony Miller

12.9 – Mohamed Sanu

13.4 – Giovani Bernard

14.9 – Browns Defense

15.4 – Matt Prater

16.9 – Tyler Eifert

At Pick 4 I decided to avoid the Zeke show and not select him. Of course, he was available but I decided against going with David Johnson and his new rookie QB. Having a little more space between the 2nd and 3rd pick gave some leeway on getting better depth at the shallow RB position. Hence Mr. Nick Chubb being recruited on the team. That does cost me though in WR depth so stocking up on some extra talent became a must.

Jeffrey and Moore are both the number 1 WRs on their teams which was most convincing when heading into the 4th and 5th rounds. Same with the 6th pick on Sterling Shepard but Ekeler was a (not so sleeper) sleeper pick. If you don’t know, now you shall. Melvin Gordon is the starting RB for the Los Angeles Chargers but he too is holding out and waiting to be paid before heading into the season. That means a nice little ball-and-chain act in the backfield. Ekeler is considered the lead back in the Charger backfield but 2nd-year Justin Jackson is nipping at the coattails.

Ebron was the 8th pick which still seems high but that was before the whole Andrew Luck retiring thing that hit the media. Again, many TEs will be available in the later rounds if you want to scrounge up more depth on your team before selecting one. Sutton was again depth at 9th, while Lamar Jackson claimed the QB spot on my lineup in the 10th round.

Miller and Sanu were more WRs to fill the bench but strategically picked. Miller has a QB, Mitchell Trubisky, which could get hot any minute with any of his WRs, and Sanu is in Atlanta’s high powered offense behind Julio Jones and newcomer Calvin Ridley.

More depth along with a K and a Defense completed my team, but with this mock draft, we can see how dramatic a team can look when not “hitting” on players that we need. Johnson and Chubb are a solid RB duo but will it be enough to overcome the lack-of WR pizazz? Personally, I say no.

Pick 5

1.5 – David Johnson

2.8 – Mike Evans

3.5 – Adam Thielen

4.8 – Cooper Kupp

5.5 – Sony Michel

6.8 – Jarvis Landry

7.5 – Tevin Coleman

8.8 – Larry Fitzgerald

9.5 – Delanie Walker

10.8 – Donte Moncrief

11.5 – Philip Rivers

12.8 – Kenny Stills

13.5 – Eagles Defense

14.8 – Ka’imi Fairbairn

15.5 – Jack Doyle

16.8 – Chris Thompson

With the 5th pick in the 2019 Fantasy Football Draft…David Johnson to Team Mock Draft Number 5. Again, we do not gamble with our first picks people, ask anyone last season when they thought Le’Veon Bell would eventually start a game. Once again, WR is our primary goal after getting our stud RB. So *boop* *boop* Evans and Theilen are off the board and on our team.

I decided to get a little adventurous again and go WR for the 4th round pick instead of RB, this did cost me some players like Kerryon Johnson or maybe Aaron Jones if he slipped that late. Not to mention Kupp was sidelined last season with an ACL tear halfway through the year, so Kupp could’ve been switched out for Kenny Golladay or Tyler Lockett. But Kupp was there for Jared Goff last season when he was in, hopefully, he can mirror that success over to our team.

This meant RBs were going to have more of a leaning presence on me in the next few picks. Sony Michel was the best available at the time and though New England RBs are always a shot in the dark, Michel did hold up nicely in the Super Bowl for the Pats.

Landry and Coleman were more depth but Coleman was picked so that I didn’t feel like there was a tie around my neck when coming up with a starting lineup and maybe having to put an RB for my Flex. This time around I picked a TE a pick or two sooner than normal. This can be subject to change of course if your team needs some help in a region that may not be TE.

Moncrief was more depth and then Rivers was looking good in the 11th round so there was no way not to pick him. The remaining picks completed the starting lineup and bench players. If you’ve noticed, I like my Ks and Defenses in the last few rounds.

This is because they don’t produce the same amount of consistent value as the players selected before them. That doesn’t mean some 3rd string WR is more valuable than a player like Mason Crosby or Stephan Gostkowski, I just think that other players have more opportunities than the Ks. Defense is a whole other story, either you pick one and stick with them until their Bye week or try the rotational method, either is enough to keep your team afloat. Just make sure you research some Defenses and their matchups before blindly picking up one.

Pick 6

1.6 – David Johnson

2.7 – Keenan Allen

3.6 – Josh Jacobs

4.7 – Kenny Golladay

5.6 – Allen Robinson

6.7 – Phillip Lindsay

7.6 – Robby Anderson

8.7 – David Njoku

9.6 – Ben Roethlisberger

10.7 – Donte Moncrief

11.6 – Kenny Stills

12.7 – Devin Singletary

13.6 – Harrison Butker

14.7 – Titans Defense

15.6 – Chris Thompson

16.7 – Mecole Hardman

Around pick 6 is where things get a little “unorthodox” for picks-sake. Some players might roll with getting the best WR available rather than RB. At this high in the draft, either or should be okay, but depending on which route you went. The inverse must follow. Again I went Johnson but since it is a little later, you can get away with getting a high-tier WR as well and not break the bank too much. As you can see, this was the case.

Jacobs was my 3rd pick and by the 4th round players like Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, maybe even Stefon Diggs slid through the cracks. Whatever it may be, I thought Golladay had the best chance for my starting lineup. Some not-so-shabby of a supporting cast was left on the board for my next two picks. Robinson might be a lower end WR but still starting, and Lindsay added even more to my dynamic RBs.

If you stock up on the same type of players in the first rounds it’s not all bad. These guys can be used as “trading bait.” Simply put; after the draft find some unlucky Shmuck with no RBs and try to vulture whatever you can at their WR spot. These are best done at the beginning of the season since all the players are acting on a new drawing board when the first game begins.

Anderson was more depth in the position and Sam Darnold could get some more time in the pocket with the Jets new RB Le’Veon Bell.

Njoku was selected in the 8th round but I thought for his worth, the pick was definitely in the cards.

Big Ben happened in the 9th round and depth upon depth followed him. Most notably, I selected Devin Singletary, Buffalo’s number 2 back behind the fountain of youth, Frank Gore.

Pick 7

1.7 – Deandre Hopkins

2.6 – Nick Chubb

3.7 – Brandin Cooks

4.6 – Patrick Mahomes

5.7 – D.J. Moore

6.6 – Lamar Miller

7.7 – Sterling Shepard

8.6 – Austin Hooper

9.7 – Jordan Howard

10.6 – D.K. Metcalf

11.7 – Kenny Stills

12.6 – Saints Defense

13.7 – Harrison Butker

14.6 – John Brown

15.7 – Jaylen Samuels

16.6 – C.J. Anderson

Pick 7 would definitely be where I switch from RB to WR as my first pick. The RBs are low-end high tier, but the WRs are still thriving. Hence Hopkins being my first-round pick. Since we went WR first, RB should follow it. In this case, it did with Chubb. Hopkins and Chubb are not a bad duo to build a team around.

Since I did go RB for my 2nd pick, either RB or WR would be fine, so hello Mr. Brandin Cooks. I was hesitant on this because of the plethora of talent that the Rams have to catch the ball, but Cooks was the more reliable WR last year.

I was more aggressive in this draft than others because I had a few mocks under my belt. I decided to be “that guy” and take Mahomes in the 4th round but, at the time, I felt like it was the right move. I knew WRs had some glimmer in the water and there were RBs that could wait a little longer, so I pulled the trigger and took the best QB in football. In so doing this, I did have to make sure my Flex and RB2 slot were filled to the T’s with the best I could get.

D.J. Moore is Cam Newton’s number 1, and Lamar Miller was a solid pick BEFORE his injury. But if you decide that other WRs or a different combination of picks would’ve been better, switch it up. At this time players such as Dante Pettis, David Montgomery, Miles Sanders or any other player you’ve got your eye on will be more than applicable to sub in for my “dated” picks.

Shepard was again depth at my 7th pick and Hooper for my 8th filled out my starting TE position. Howard and Metcalf were more shots in the depth dark but follow me if you will. Jordan Howard was the rushing back for Chicago, now he’s in Philly with a rookie, Miles Sanders, sharing the backfield. I like Howard in this dynamic.

Metcalf, on the other hand, is the rookie trying to come in and prove to us what he can do. He’s showed us that he’s the fastest man in the combine, possibly even the league, and with all this talent you know Pete Carroll will try to cook up something tasty to boost his offense.

The rest of the picks, of course, conclude the starting lineup and some bench but believe me, people, you do not need to follow what I do. If it makes you feel all tingly inside drafting your whole starting lineup first and then add the depth, go for it. However you decide to cut the pie is on you.

Pick 8

1.8 – Michael Thomas

2.5 – Odell Beckham Jr.

3.8 – Leonard Fournette

4.5 – Aaron Jones

5.8 – D.J. Moore

6.5 – Derrius Guice

7.8 – Robby Anderson

8.5 – Dak Prescott

9.8 – Dante Pettis

10.5 – Darnell Henderson

11.8 – Trey Burton

12.5 – Kenny Stills

13.8 – Harrison Butker

14.5 – Eagles Defense

15.8 – Cole Beasley

16.5 – C.J. Anderson

Pick 8 we go WR. Top Tier, for sure, will be on your team. Personally I like pairing the WRs with the later draft picks as I have done here. Thomas and OBJ, Whooo! Doesn’t that sound like a tough receiving corps to take down? I think so as well. If my first 2 picks are WR, then I must get some RBs in the upcoming rounds.

Thus, my 3rd and 4th picks are RBs. You can always break the mold and go WR and then RB or vice versa, which many fantasy owners do if they commit to the “Zero Running Backs Ruler” but that is some sketchy salsa to get mixed into. Picks 5 and 6 are filling my Flex and some depth, therefore Moore and Guice may fight for the Flex position. Guice is in the Washington Offense which might make some players hesitant but in the 6th round, we don’t mind seeing some starting RBs in mid rounds.

Anderson was my 7th pick for depth in WR but if this is your comfort zone on picking a TE, Vance McDonald should be around or in some drafts, Aaron Rodgers could still be available. This is of course if you like filling out your starting roster with the best talent available. The next round I thought to do the same with Prescott since there were no RBs or WRs screaming for me to pick them.

Pettis is Jimmy Garoppolo’s best WR at this time, same with best WR to pick from in the 9th round, but this pick could be substituted for your TE or QB.

Henderson was my 10th pick for the same reason I picked Austin Ekeler. Henderson is a rookie on the team but the Rams DID trade up in the 2019 NFL Draft to specifically pick this young man. That perks my interest just enough to consider his relevance in the fantasy draft.

With the later picks in the draft, again I selected Trey Booboo, he was fairly reliable last season so hopefully, he can have the same production, if not more, this upcoming year.

The rest of my picks completed the lineup and bench but I thought Cole Beasley would be a nice shot in the dark with his production last year in the slot with Dallas. This year Beasley is in Buffalo but without much-receiving power on the team, I thought he could have a chance to stand out.

Pick 9

1.9 – Le’Veon Bell

2.4 – Mike Evans

3.9 – Julian Edelman

4.4 – Aaron Jones

5.9 – D.J. Moore

6.4 – Allen Robinson

7.9 – Marvin Jones Jr.

8.4 – Cam Newton

9.9 – Austin Hooper

10.4 – Geronimo Allison

11.9 – Giovani Bernard

12.4 – Saints Defense

13.9 – Harrison Butker

14.4 – Jaylen Samuels

15.9 – Mark Andrews

16.4 – Cole Beasley

I know what I said. “Pick 7 would definitely be where I switch from RB to WR as my first pick,” yet here I am picking Le’Veon Bell as my first pick. I couldn’t help it guys, how could a talent like that fall to 9th. Because people like you reading this article went WR first? Duh. This is true, but I think in this super special occasion where a top 5 RB in the league falls onto your doorstep, you just have to embrace the ride.

SO yes, Bell is my first pick which means I have a WR pick coming up that will still be of a high caliber. Mike Evans fills that void and with my 3rd pick, I decided to go WR again with Julian Edelman.

Jones coming in at 4th wasn’t too bad, especially with his hot hand in the Packers Offense and fresh-faced Head Coach Matt LaFleur getting his feet wet. Jones might be depended on a little more than last season.

Moore and Robinson are my Flex spot fighters. Marvin Jones, come to think of it, might be an iffy pick, so by the 7th round Keke Coutee might still be available or even Evan Engram to get a solid TE without burning a high draft pick. I say this with a grain of salt because in no draft was Eli Manning selected.

Newton was my 8th pick because of the current the league turned while drafting, so Cam was a nice fragile toy to get my hands on. In this draft, TEs were selected earlier than before, therefore Mr. Austin Hooper joined the Mock Squad 9. After Hooper, the picks were primarily depth, with a couple shots in the dark at RB just-in-case going Le’Veon Bell pick 1 doesn’t pan out, hopefully, one of these tattered stars finds his shine.

Pick 10

1.10 – Michael Thomas

2.3 – Todd Gurley II

3.10 – Damien Williams

4.3 – Brandin Cooks

5.10 – Alshon Jeffery

6.3 – Tevin Coleman

7.10 – Sterling Shepard

8.3 – Cam Newton

9.10 – Courtland Sutton

10.3 – Jordan Howard

11.10 – Jordan Reed

12.3 – D.K. Metcalf

13.10 – Jalen Richard

14.3 – Mark Andrews

15.10 – Ravens Defense

16.3 – Jake Elliott

Alright, boys and girls, back to our usual programming of WRs Go First in the Late-First Round Picks, and with that Michael Thomas was selected. This time around I decided to see what I would have left in the WR pool going RB for my next 2 picks. Since we’re at pick 10, the selections are going to be a little closer, therefore closer in skill.

Gurley and Williams became my running dynamic which I thought looked pretty sweet with Thomas as my WR1.

Brandin Cooks became my 4th pick which, again, didn’t turn out super bad going a little against the grain in this draft but if you don’t like having players on the same team, on your team, Stefon Diggs could and should be available.

Jeffery and Coleman went 5 and 6 to slug it out for my Flex spot.

Shepard came in 7th providing his usual depth and again Cam Newton was selected in the 8th round. You know I am not a huge Cam fan, nor Carolina fan, but this mock draft stuff is really showing my true colors on the players I don’t want to admittedly like.

Sutton and Howard were drafted for more depth at their position, while Mr. Jordan Reed (another dude I pick a lot) joins the team for my TE slot.

Metcalf and Richard were some shots in the sleeper machine, Metcalf was already stated above. Richard, on the other hand, is the other hand to Josh Jacobs. Jacobs is the lead back, Richard is the passing down back. So with that in mind, you could argue that being on the Raiders might give Richard some trash-time value.

Andrews, the Ravens D, and Elliott fulfill my fantasy roster but instead of going for another TE, possibly another QB would have been better because of Cam being injury prone.

Pick 11

1.11 – Michael Thomas

2.2 – Travis Kelce

3.11 – Adam Thielen

4.2 – Sony Michel

5.11 – Allen Robinson

6.2 – Phillip Lindsay

7.11 – Emmanuel Sanders

8.2 – Marvin Jones Jr.

9.11 – Drew Brees

10.2 – Jordan Howard

11.11 – Devin Funchess

12.2 – Jamison Crowder

13.11 – Stephen Gostkowski

14.2 – Lamar Jackson

15.11 – Jack Doyle

16.2 – Eagles Defense

Pick 11 and we are almost there. Being later in the draft, we go WR first, therefore Michael Thomas is our new best friend. If you don’t enjoy Michael Thomas, James Connor might be available, same with Davante Adams or Todd Gurley. Personally, I enjoy Drew Brees and his love for WRs so Michael Thomas is the safer pick in my opinion.

This time around, instead of waiting to get a sub-par TE that I will probably replace in 3 weeks, I went Travis Kelce to get the best TE in the market. This will cost me some RB talent and a little WR scuffle, but with picks closer together, I don’t mind the pressure.

You know I say that and see Thielen and go “Ya!” but then Sony Michel and go “eh..” Michel had the same New England debate I had with myself earlier in the article but if New England is not your cup of tea, Kerryon Johnson might be available, same with Mark Ingram or Damien Williams.

After the Michel pick, I definitely felt the heat to make some good calls and went Robinson for the safer Flex slot and Phillip Lindsay to take my RB2 slot. Already I was not feeling the Travis Kelce pick. Sanders and Jones Jr. finished another pair of picks for depth, and if you’re keeping track that’s already five WRs on my team.

Brees was my 9th pick because Newton wasn’t available. Just kidding. I waited on the QB to go for more WR depth because of my sheer panic of no good RBs left in the pool.

Jordan Howard is my 10th pick for some kind of hope in the position. Funchess is an easy switch around pick because of Luck so in this Mock’s case RB all the way. Case in point Crowder joining the team in the next round.

Gostkowski was picked a little premature because of the tide beginning to flow with Ks, therefore I adapted. Jackson was some unnecessary depth and same with Doyle after Luck retired. The last four picks in this Mock should be arranged where I attack my lacking positions instead of going with the wind.

Pick 12

1.12 – Davante Adams

2.1 – Odell Beckham Jr.

3.12 – Derrick Henry

4.1 – Damien Williams

5.12 – Sterling Shepard

6.1 – David Montgomery

7.12 – Marvin Jones Jr.

8.1 – Peyton Barber

9.12 – Austin Hooper

10.1 – Drew Brees

11.12 – Adam Humphries

12.1 – D.K. Metcalf

13.12 – Stephan Gostkowski

14.1 – Jalen Richard

15.12 – Paul Richardson

16.1 – Eagles Defense

And so with the final pick of the first round, Davante Adams is off the board. We like WR duos, so we go Adams and OBJ, knowing our next couple picks SHOULD be RBs. In this case, they are with Henry and Williams filling the starting slots. Henry does come onto the scene with some high numbers off of the last half of the NFL season last year, this can be a little misleading but in my opinion, Marcus Mariota hasn’t stepped up enough to show he can carry a team, so Henry is still a solid pick.

Shepard and Montgomery were the best available talent in their positions, Montgomery might have the slight edge with his better team but if Shepard doesn’t float your boat, Marlon Mack could still be around, along with Kenyan Drake. Mack would be the favorite between the two because of Indy’s recent hole to fill on their offense.

The next pair of picks went the same with Jones Jr. and Barber, but this was to get more depth on my bench as we all know. Hooper and Brees filled out my remaining position roles at picks 9 and 10.

Humphries and Metcalf filled out some depth, with Humphries being a little shot into the unknown since he had a breakout year last season with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston.

The rest of the picks fulfilled the starting lineup with a nice spoon full of depth but a key thing to remember about picking either first or last is the waiting in-between picks. You, and only you, have to wait 22 picks before getting another pick, so at these positions pick wisely.

So what does it all mean? Well for one, this little Mock on Mock drafts might help you see where your team could end up depending on when you pick. I am not saying your team will look like these but the first 4 to 5 rounds could have some resemblance to what you’re seeing here. I did take some chances here and there but that was for everyone’s wellbeing. Because, like you, I too want to know what a team would be like if I went Kelce in the 2nd round or Le’Veon Bell in the latter part of the first round and seeing what masterpiece I can make after. We all want an edge over the competition so where better to find it, I took those leaps of faith for you, will you reap the benefits?

Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott. Photo Credit: Brook Ward | Under Creative Commons License

Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott. Photo Credit: Brook Ward | Under Creative Commons License