Fantasy Football Value Picks In Mid-Rounds

Houston Texans Wide Receiver Will Fuller V. Photo Credit: Karen | Under Creative Commons License
Houston Texans Wide Receiver Will Fuller V. Photo Credit: Karen | Under Creative Commons License

How’s it going LAFB Network fans! The 2020 NFL Season is on the horizon, and finally, there are plenty of NFL betting opportunities, so what better time to bring you some insides on the upcoming fun. Initially, when thinking of a draft-related article to write, I thought about going through the rounds pick by pick and doing some analysis.

The only problem is that the first five rounds of most fantasy football drafts are sparse on differences. Of course, there are those fantasy football lads that have a super FLEX, making QBs value zoom to the stars. Some drafts even include defensive players. The only time J.J. Watt has ever been drafted from another team besides the Texans.

Either way, I decided to skip ahead a few rounds so you get the good stuff without having to scroll a bunch to get to it. That’s the real reason you came here. You have faith in your first five rounds because they’re usually safe, but what happens when it turns “dark?”

Fantasy Football Value Picks In Mid-Rounds

So there you are. It’s the top of the 6th round, right at the turn. The 12th man has his next pick but what is he looking at?Using ESPN’s ADP, we can find that picks 61 – 84 might resemble something like this:

  1. Mark Andrews
  2. Darren Waller
  3. David Montgomery
  4. Kareem Hunt
  5. 65. Tarik Cohen
  6. Cam Akers
  7. Ke’Shawn Vaughn
  8. Ronald Jones II
  9. Darrell Henderson Jr.
  10. Kerryon Johnson
  11. Marquise Brown
  12. Deebo Samuel
  13. Marvin Jones Jr.
  14. Will Fuller V
  15. Mark Ingram II
  16. Raheem Mostert
  17. Deshaun Watson
  18. Kyler Murray
  19. Dak Prescott
  20. Russell Wilson
  21. Derrius Guice
  22. James White
  23. Jordan Howard
  24. Phillip Lindsay

Before I give you the goods, let’s make a few things clear.

  1. I am not a crazy man so I will not, shall not, would not, draft a QB in these mid-rounds. There is too much at stake to pass up on the impact one of the positional players could give you. QBs, for the most part, are a dime a dozen.
  2. Picks 61 – 84 are rounds six and seven in a standard 12-team league.
  3. I will be giving you the perspective of a PPR league.

Darren Waller And Mark Andrews

The order I put them is the order I would draft them in. Both have major upside and had fairly successful seasons last year. Andrews ultimately came out on top but he was also on a team that had Lamar Jackson murdering defenses.

I expect some kind of regression for the pair of Ravens. Waller has the potential and usage to be a top-three TE, he just needs someone reliable to toss him the ball.

Deebo Samuel

Samuel has recently undergone foot surgery in mid-June and was projected to need 10 weeks to be 100%. That would put his timeline around September to be suiting up. Now we don’t want to take gambles with our fantasy teams, so why consider Deebo Samuel?

Currently, on the San Francisco depth chart, the first three WRs you see are Deebo, Kendrick Bourne, and Brandon Aiyuk. A couple of names I am sure you’ve heard dozens of times in your fantasy research.

SO yeah, Deebo the number 1 WR for San Francisco in round 6 or 7 would be a steal.

Will Fuller V And Marquise Brown

Same as the TE pair above. I would prefer Fuller before Brown but both WRs are fairly similar in my opinion.

Fuller has been with the Texans since 2016 and a familiar face to dynamite QB Deshaun Watson. On that same note, Deandre Hopkins has been traded to the Arizona Cardinals leaving Fuller as the number 1 option.

Although, there have been a few additions to the Texans WR corps, Kenny Stills and Brandin Cooks. Two names most of you dedicated fantasy fans know. And as you know, Stills didn’t pan out too well last season, while Cooks was the weak link in the three-headed monster Los Angeles wielded.

I guess the real catch with Fuller is his health. We have all seen or been victims too, Will Fuller’s notorious injuries. He is undoubtedly a clear cut talent on the field but is Houston’s porcelain doll at the same time.

In contrast, Marquise Brown has yet to show any hindering’s of his one NFL season. Before entering the NFL, Brown had an injury and the Ravens drafted him anyway. The injury ended up resurfacing and Brown had surgery in February.

Brown is also the number 1 WR option for Lamar Jackson but possibly not the number 1 receiving option for the Ravens. Mark Andrews beat him in total targets with 98 while Brown had 71. Brown did miss a couple of games last season so take that as you will.

My thing about Brown is that he might not be the top talent on his team. He might not even be top three on the team and that’s not getting into non-scoring players.

Brown is a young speedster that just needs the ball in his hands to do some damage. The challenge is that the Ravens already have a player like that and he does exactly that, making Brown a bit of an afterthought in the offense as a whole.

Mark Ingram II

I feel like it says something that all of Lamar Jackson’s talent can be drafted in the 6th or 7th rounds. Either his surrounding cast is just moderate at best or Lamar Jackson just flips a switch when stepping on the football field that turns in him into a fantasy mogul.

Ingram though doesn’t have that same zip when standing next to Jackson. Of course, Ingram is a known talent and I would like to treat him as such. Ingram is the top man on the Ravens RB depth chart and that’s top-notch value in these mid-rounds.

Something To Chew On

Obviously take all of this information with a grain of salt. A lot of what you’re going to be looking for while drafting is dependent on your first five picks.

– Ingram could help counter a WR heavy roster

– Samuel/Fuller/Brown could counter RB heavy rosters

– Waller/Andrews are quality picks if you have your starting WR/RB filled to your liking

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Houston Texans Wide Receiver Will Fuller V. Photo Credit: Karen | Under Creative Commons License

Houston Texans Wide Receiver Will Fuller V. Photo Credit: Karen | Under Creative Commons License