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Start Em/Sit Em Week 4

Start ‘Em

Joe Mixon, RB

For those of you waiting for the Bengals rookie running back to have his breakout week, it’s time. Last week against the Packers, Joe Mixon topped 100 total yards and saw a drastic increase in touches. This week, Mixon will have an opportunity to improve on week three performance against the Browns who are staring down a 0-3 record as well with an average run defense. With Bill Lazor as the new offensive coordinator in Cincy, there seems to be a clear number one back in the offense and it’s Mixon.

Tarik Cohen, RB

Last week, Jordan Howard proved that he was not losing this backfield to the rookie. However, the Bears know that they have something special on their hands with Tarik Cohen and made sure to give him enough work to help them win the game. Against the Packers, Cohen should see a game plan like last week where he gets most of his touches in the second half. This game could be closer than it seems and should feature the Bears’ backfield as the main offensive attack.

Keenan Allen, WR

Keenan Allen has the potential for a blowout fantasy week. The Eagles have no established cornerbacks and should struggle against one of the best route runners in the league. Allen is the clear number one target on this offense and the Chargers be able to push the ball down the field. Allen should be an automatic start, especially in PPR leagues.

Jaguars D/ST

It’s almost becoming guaranteed that the Jaguars will do well in London. They won the game in the first quarter last week. But what’s been consistent across all three weeks is this defense. Against a Jets team who struggles on offense and no real superstars, this Jaguars team should build off their momentum and get their third win of the season. All the free agent additions from the offseason seem to be fitting nicely into the puzzle and Calais Campbell has been a leader and monster on that defensive line. Jalen Ramsey and A.J Bouye are a top three cornerback tandem in the league. This defense should have no issue shutting down their New York opponents.

Jared Goff, QB

Alright, I’m buying in. This offense has been great this season and a total 180 from the Fisher era. Jared Goff himself has done a total 180. He looks comfortable, he’s having fun, and he has the talent around him to succeed. While the Cowboys are a top NFC team, they might be in for a surprise this week. Their running game has struggled early this season and their defense does not have the talent to shut down opponents a whole game. Carson Palmer threw for over 300 yards Monday with two touchdowns and Trevor Siemian tore up this passing defense. The one good game this defense had was against Eli Manning missing his primary offensive weapon. Be comfortable starting Goff this week.

Sit ‘Em

Buccaneers D/ST

This team should be pissed off and ready to roll this week. However, this defense is severely banged up. Lavonte David suffered an ankle injury in week 3 and number one corner Brent Grimes is having shoulder issues. There are multiple other injuries that make this Giants matchup not as appealing as it may seem. With Odell Beckham back, the Giants should be more productive and attack this banged up defense.

Panthers D/ST

Look, this comes down to one thing. Tom Brady is balling out these last two weeks. This offense just refuses to be stopped and they should score at least 30 points against the Panthers this week. A lot of you probably laughed at that. Just go watch last week. Drew Brees destroyed this defense. Look for a better matchup and start these guys next week.

Michael Crabtree, WR

Michael Crabtree is typically a solid fantasy starter but the matchup this week has a lot against the veteran wide receiver. The Broncos’ secondary is one of the best in the league and will be looking to shut down Derek Carr’s favorite third down weapon. In last seasons’ two games against the Broncos’, Crabtree only accounted for 7 catches and 74 yards. There are better matchups across the league than this one that’s consistently against the wide receiver.

DeMarco Murray, RB

DeMarco Murray’s showing last week was why most people drafted him in the first two rounds. But other than last week he’s been disappointing. The matchup against the Houston front seven should reflect more of Murray’s first two weeks. With Derrick Henry becoming more and more in the mix, I would sit Murray this week. The matchup and his own backfield are holding his potential fantasy points back.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB

This matchup is simple. It’s on the road against a pretty good defense that should play better than whatever happened in London. Ben Roethlisberger’s road and home splits are a factor. We saw the offense struggle in week one against the Browns and last week against the Bears. Especially with the history of this rivalry, this Ravens defense will be pissed off and ready to get back on track against their division rival.

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