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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that everyone has been enjoying the NFL offseason as much as I have! The NFL is one of the few sports that keeps the audience’s attention just as much during the offseason as it does during the time the games are being played. At Sports Al Dente we have been working tirelessly to give you continual coverage of everything from the 2017 draft to every free agent signing. And as always, we make sure to sprinkle in a bit of fresh opinion that will either bring a smile to your face or perhaps, make your blood boil. Either way, we always serve it Al Dente!

During this offseason, we have also made some exciting moves. Our staff continues to grow which gives us the ability to spend more time covering the teams that you love! I am so proud of all of the writers that we have brought on, and you can tell that they bring their own fresh takes and personalities to the fold.

We are also in the midst of a full overhaul of the site! If you like the look and design of the site now just wait for what we have in store for you. We are working to make everything more interactive and more user-friendly. We are streamlining the look to be something that you love looking at, and maybe even, would want to make your homepage. We are integrating the mobile experience to be second to none, so matter what device you are reading about the latest Odell Beckham Jr. tirade, you will love the entire experience from start to finish.

For those of you that are patiently awaiting the highly anticipated release of our first Ebook, “Fantasy Football Follies: The Perfect Recipe Of Delicious Diatribe,” I am in the kitchen cooking it up as we speak. Expect it’s release on the site and on Amazon before Fantasy drafts hit their stride.

One last final note, I am also in the process of filming a completely original “Al Dente Documentary!” More on that to come, but just know that it will be dramatic, informative, and belly-aching funny. What more would you expect?

As always thanks so much for your support and please continue to spread the word about Sports Al Dente!