EP 24: Mike Trout Gets A Mega Deal And How Was Netflix’s Triple Frontier?

Chauncey is joined by Bryan Dubar where they briefly touch upon March Madness and then Wes Campbell drops by to talk about the latest NFL gossip.

Chauncey is anxious about the Blake Bortles signing and excited about Clay Matthews. They do a round of Cowboys corner and then dunk on the Giants.

Later Wes and Chauncey quickly talk about the other LA sports including the Mike Trout deal, Doc returning to the Clippers, and bury the Kings, Ducks, and Lakers.

Then they do a round of super-hero stuff, recap The Flash and then dive into the latest pop culture news. They review the trailers for “Toy Story 4”, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, John Wick 3″, the “Deadwood” movie, “Lucy in the Sky”, and “Stranger Things 3”. Finally, they go into the casting for Christopher Nolan’s new movie, the Disney-Fox merger, they play a round of what’s good and Chauncey was disappointed in Netflix’s “Triple Frontier”.

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