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Sunday was an opportunity for Mike Mularkey to get the offense back on track. The “exotic smash mouth” was going to be put on hold with Mariota’s injury. Matt Cassel just needed to not make mistakes and hand the ball to Murray and Henry.

Unfortunately, the Titans hit rock bottom in a disastrous showing. The 16-10 loss was tough and proved that the team can’t live without Mariota. The offense wasted a terrific performance by the defense. Now the season is at risk.

Jay Cutler netted a paltry 92 yards and the Titans defense looked effective. They picked up an Jay Ajayi fumble and a Cutler interception but it was all for naught.

Matt Cassel wasn’t as disastrous as Cutler but the offense was still ineffective. Yes, the Dolphins have a solid defense but Cassel couldn’t find a way to make plays. He took six sacks and he couldn’t avoid the pass rush. The Titans failed to invest in a quality back up which is odd given Mariota’s injury history. Now the Titans are looking at a lost season. Mariota will likely be back against the Colts but long-term prospects are bleak.

Fans might not feel that it’s a big deal to lose to the Dolphins but this is the season’s low point. Jay Cutler has been a bigger waste of millions than Megyn Kelly’s daytime show. He gave the Titans every chance to win the game and they couldn’t.

The next two weeks call for the Colts and the Browns. Those games may feel like cake walks but now they are now must win games.

Deshaun Watson is only getting better in Houston, and the Jacksonville Jaguars have displayed tremendous defense. The Titans need to find a way to right the ship or else they’ll miss the playoffs. After a season of hype, the season is spiraling downward.

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