Day Two Of The Senior Bowl: Looking At Quarterbacks For The Rams

1/27/21 Practice SeniorBowl. Photo by Jeff Hanson | Senior Bowl
1/27/21 Practice SeniorBowl. Photo by Jeff Hanson | Senior Bowl

Day two of Senior Bowl Week is now in the books. Today, some players had a great day while some had a terrible day. As quarterback is officially a question in Los Angeles after General Manager Les Snead’s comments about Jared Goff, the quarterbacks were at the center of attention today in Mobile, Alabama. Here is a look at which quarterback had the worst day, who had a bad day, who had a good day, and who had the best day. The other quarterbacks not mentioned below, Sam Ehlinger and Ian Book, simply did not make a strong impression in one way or the other on day two of the Senior Bowl.

Day Two Of The Senior Bowl: What To Know

Worst Day: Feleipe Franks

Feleipe Franks simply came out flat today. First, he missed wide on a play in the middle of practice. Next, he fumbled. Later, he dropped a snap. From the middle of practice until the end, the largest positive play seemed to be a scramble for five yards. Luckily for Franks, he has tomorrow to erase today.

Bad Day: Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman hasn’t played since the 2019 season and it showed on Wednesday. His footwork on his first drop-backs of the day was stiff. Number seven then missed on an out route where his ball ended up behind the receiver who was barely able to turn around and catch it.

After that, in a seven-on-seven drill, Newman had a bad overthrow on his first play. The ball came out late on the next play when two receivers were open down the field. Later in the drill, Newman threw an interception.

The two biggest saving graces for Newman were a nice bullet pass that split two defenders on a five-yard curl in the middle of the field and the realization of the fact that he hasn’t played in a year. In other words, one good throw and cutting some slack due to rust are all that kept Newman from having the worst day on the field.

Good Day: Mac Jones

Entering the Senior Bowl, the biggest question was whether he could be as productive without Alabama’s receivers as he was with them. Today, Jones showed that he wouldn’t immediately implode without them. However, he didn’t light up the field either. That being said, Jones has done such a good job with Alabama this season that he doesn’t need to do too much in order to be drafted at a good spot.

The two best plays of the day from Jones were two times when he did a play-action fake while his old coach Nick Saban looked on from the sidelines. One play-action fake resulted in a check-down after looking deep and not liking the shot opportunity. The other resulted in an accurate throw to tight end Tre’ McKitty who had a sweet one-handed grab along the sideline for about 30 yards.

Best Day: Kellen Mond

To be honest, Kellen Mond’s day was not perfect. There were mistakes. However, Mond made more of a positive impression than the other quarterbacks today and showed flash. It seemed that for every mistake, there was a great play made right after it. Mond had a couple of bad plays early but also threw a beautiful deep touchdown with the ball landing perfectly in the receiver’s hands in stride.

“Mond showed some flash today.”

Later in practice, he hit a 25-yard completion and the first big play by any quarterback in a while. After that, there was a play where the snap was over Mond’s head but he was able to grab it, step out of pressure, and find a receiver for a 10-yard completion. He ended the day with a nice scramble where he stepped up in the pocket and then took off.

Mond showed some flash today. If he can iron out the mistakes, he could raise eyebrows in the NFL.