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The holiday seasons are full of excitement and extremely busy schedules. People are scrambling to the store to try and pick up the last toy for the kids to have a great Christmas. Santa’s elves are hard at work. The eggnog is flowing and hot chocolate is steaming. There is a lot of indecision of children making cuts to figure out what they actually want from Saint Nick. The weather is getting a bit colder (unless you’re in the south like me!).

But with the holiday craziness comes the craziness of the football season. It is finally getting near the end and the playoff picture becomes narrower. There are still a few slots up for grabs. The Dallas Cowboys just got Ezekiel Elliott back, but that leaves the question: Can they go all the way?

The Dallas Cowboys Slim Odds Of Making The Playoffs

By Winning!

The Dallas Cowboys do actually have a shot to make it to the playoffs. The odds are not truly in their favor, but there is a possibility. The ‘Boys just need to win the next two games. The next two games are not going to be easy either. The Cowboys first have to take on the Seattle Seahawks and their star

The Cowboys first have to take on the Seattle Seahawks and their star Russell Wilson. The Seahawks will be coming off a 42-7 loss to the Rams. They will be looking to rebound, but if their offense stays on the same track the Cowboys can pick up a win. The Cowboys also have Ezekiel Elliott back, so he could be a big offensive factor. Dallas just needs to keep the offense rolling against a scary Seahawks defense.

To really seal up the win, the Cowboys need their defense to show up. They will have to shut down Russell Wilson, but luckily, they have the blueprints from the Rams this past week.

Then the ‘Boys will have to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are currently 12-2 and have already clinched a first-round bye for the playoffs. They also will be missing their star, Carson Wentz. That means they have Nick Folk stepping into the role. But since they have the bye already locked down, the starters shouldn’t be expected to play much, if at all. That is a good sign, and it makes the same concepts stand for this game as well as with the Seahawks. So, if the Cowboys get a sweep of the next two games, they have a shot.

Outside Factor

The Cowboys do need more than just a couple wins though. They need some teams to lose as well. The outside factors are: The Atlanta Falcons need to lose. If they lose even one game, that would give them the same 10-6 record as the Cowboys if they win out. Ideally, the Falcons lose both games to the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers. That guarantees the Cowboys to be in the playoffs. The Cowboys

Dallas beating the Seahawks puts them out of playoff contention. The Detroit Lions are in the same boat as Dallas right now, they need two wins consecutively. They will be facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Green Bay Packers. There is also a possibility to have the Carolina Panthers, L.A. Rams, New Orleans Saints, and the Cowboys in a four-way tie at 10-6.

To sum it up, the Cowboys need Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, or LA to lose the last 2 games, Detroit to lose a game, and then they need to win out. The chances are slim, but not impossible.

Josh Whitworth

Author Josh Whitworth

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