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The Dallas Cowboys have been having issues. They have so many off-field distractions going on right now. The Ezekiel Elliott suspension has hurt the team in recent weeks, and the Jerry Jones against Roger Goodell battle happening in the background. It appears though, after the win over the Washington Redskins, the Cowboys have begun the road to recovery.

Slow Starts

The first quarter of the Cowboys-Redskins game seemed like it was the same old nonsense for the Cowboys. No points were scored by either squad and the teams just kind of played stale football.

It was a stalemate. No points were scored. The start of the second half was more of the same as well. Neither team was able to put up any points. They just kind of hung around. This was supposed to be an exciting battle for two quarterbacks that are top 10 in stats, Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins. They both had really slow starts to each half though. Neither offense was really able to produce.

Second Wind

After the pretty slow start for both teams, the second quarter is when the offensive lights switched on. Dak Prescott threw an 8-yard touchdown to the Cowboys familiar weapon: Jason Witten.

Then Dan Bailey’s return was pivotal. The greatest kicker in Cowboys history made a 24-yard field goal to put the ‘Boys up 10-0. Later in the second quarter, the Redskins punted it away on a 3-and-out to Ryan Switzer. Switzer showed some promise and ran it back 83 yards for a touchdown. This put the Cowboys up 17-0.

Then Kirk Cousins hit his mark to close out the second quarter with a 20-yard touchdown pass to Ryan Grant. The score going into halftime was 17-7.

The fourth quarter again highlighted the power of the late start. Dez Bryant caught a record-setting touchdown catch for his 72nd touchdown of his career. Thus, the second half started with some fire. Kirk Cousins decided to match Dak and threw a touchdown to Josh Doctson. The score after this was 14-24.

The Cowboys decided to run the ball big this game. Alfred Morris had 27 carries for 127 yards with a touchdown that came in the fourth quarter. Rod Smith also chalked up a touchdown late in the fourth to give the Cowboys a nice padding to their victory. The final score 38-14. The Dallas Cowboys seemed to return to form with the run game being on point and Dak throwing for touchdowns but only having 102 yards in the air.

Josh Whitworth

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