Dallas Cowboys Free Agency Grades

Josh Whitworth
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys adding some offense weapons in free agency. Photo Credit: .sanden – Under Creative Common License.

The Dallas Cowboys have been pretty quiet this free agency period. They have openly stated that they really plan to make some big moves in the draft. The past draft classes have proved that they trust the scouting team and the development process. Many of the current players have come from the team’s drafting ability. The Cowboys were the last team to sign anyone in free agency this year. The organization has openly stated they don’t like going for the big name free agents because they always cost more than they’re worth. The Cowboys have had their own busts from free agents in recent years, so maybe the new ideal is a step in the right direction. BUT! They have finally made a few signings.[heading]The Signings[/heading]Joe Thomas LB: C-

So, this signing just passes because it fills a hole that came in the defense after Anthony Hitchens left. Joe Thomas was playing for the Green Bay Packers. He had his best year in 2016 when he had 7 starts and was able to average 11 tackles a game. Come 2017, production fell off quite a bit with him only getting 14 tackles. A plus though, Joe Thomas had formerly played on the Cowboys practice squad in 2015, so he may be familiar with some of the locker room. Thomas also still has time to develop more, he is only 26 years old and got a 2-year deal.

Deonte Thompson WR: B

Deonte Thompson signed a 1-year deal worth $2.5M. I know what you’re thinking “Why in the world would this guy that hasn’t had even a single 1,000-yard season be this worth it?” The is simple: speed. Thompson posted a 4.31 40-yard dash in 2012. He is a real deep threat, something the Cowboys have been lacking in their offense for a while. Last year Thompson had 38 receptions for 555 yards and 2 touchdowns. He did that while playing for the Buffalo Bills then the Chicago Bears. That means he had to learn a whole new offense and was still able to put up the numbers he did. There are a few instances where he was able to torch the defense on play-actions. That’s great for Dak Prescott who in 2016 had the highest quarterback rating on play-action passes. Expect potential big plays from Thompson in the 2018 season.

Allen Hurns WR: B+

Allen Hurns recently signed a 2 year $12M contract with the Cowboys. This is a very exciting time for Cowboys fans. Now, the Cowboys have definitely made their team much more Dak-friendly as they had planned. The run game will be top notch not having the star running back suspended. The offense has now upgraded big time. Hurns has the ability to be a number 1 receiver, but he accepted the pay of a number 2. That means there is now going to be an off-season battle for receiver roles. It will be a very interesting position battle to watch out for.[heading]The Result[/heading]The Dallas Cowboys signing 2 receivers got many people speculating if Dez Bryant was going to be cut from the roster, but with recent restructuring of Jason Witten’s and Travis Frederick’s contracts, the ‘Boys created some cap space. The organization has said that they have plans to keep Bryant. That means the receiver battle will be incredible for every spot because with a big name like Allen Hurns, there is potential for a battle for the top spot too. The offense has made some serious upgrades with the receiver signings, so expect mainly defense to be drafted this year.