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Sophomore Slump. The two most dreaded words ever spoken in the NFL, or any sport for that matter. A label every GM and head coach hopes to avoid in regards to their man behind center.

First off, I would like to say that the slump is way over hyped and is very hard to measure. With the constant changes in offensive philosophies, the arrival and departure of key players and a different schedule each year (for better or worse), no two seasons are the same. Each of these variables can affect the stats of quarterbacks and thus makes it almost impossible to determine a slump.

Dallas Cowboy QB, Dak Prescott, had an amazing first year, in fact, it was so good that it set him up as a prime candidate for the dreaded question: “Can he do it again?”

When evaluating the current status of the Cowboys, along with their defensive focus in the draft, free agent signings, and the overall lack of movement with star players (let’s not dwell on Tony Romo), Dallas looks to be an even better team in 2017.

So what about their leader? What about the guy who is going to touch the ball every offensive play? Prescott can be compared to another mid-round draft pick who has done well for himself in the NFL, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson.

We’ve Seen This Before

With similar playing styles—and a starting gig from the get-go—Wilson and Prescott’s rookie years played out in an eerily similar way.

Both QBs threw for over 3,000 yards, and each had over 20 touchdowns through the air and ran for at least 4 more (Dak: 6, Wilson: 4). The 2012 Seahawks (Wilson’s rookie year) made the playoffs, losing in the divisional round by 2 points, the 2016 Cowboys lost in the same round by 3. Scary, right?

Here’s where the comparison gains momentum. In Russell Wilson’s second year he played just as well, some would argue that he was better, even if his stats took a small hit. The Seahawks went on to win Super Bowl XLVIII, and in the process put that near-sighted sophomore slump idea to bed.

The 2013 Seahawks, with their smash mouth offense, were nothing like the ball controlling juggernaut that’s playing out in Dallas these days. The Cowboys offense is like an orchestra with Dak Prescott front and center holding the baton.  Pair that with the efforts to fix a porous defensive backfield through the draft, and you have a formula that could prove that slumps don’t belong in Big D.

Prescott has been given the keys to the kingdom in Dallas and his owner is building him a team to take on the world. Is it possible that we could see a new Lombardi Trophy on display at AT&T Stadium? My guess is it is certainly possible.


Danny Rendon

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Sports writer and Navy Vet from Gilroy, CA. Currently residing in the High Desert of Southern California.

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  • JDUB says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on this topic. Americas team is primed this year for Prime Time. Dak is a extremely gifted athlete, Poise in the pocket and his uncanny Awareness’ of making plays is something special. He has just barely scratched the surface with his talent. “Get your Popcorn Ready.

  • Mike says:

    If you watched dak in college he has one problem. Big stages are NOT his cup of tea. His Jr year at Miss st he had all the hype ,beat LSU ,getting some road wins and was in Heisman talks. When Sr year came he posted great numbers but that’s all they were. His couldn’t beat a solid team and everyone forgot about him. I hope I am wrong (mostly because I’m a Dallas fan) but I don’t see him being that guy this year for the cowboys. If I were in the war room after this coming season, I’m getting one of the 10 good QBs coming out. And I believe the most dreaded two words is ” Piss Test” LOL. Great job thanks for the article.

    • Ryan says:

      I watched a lot of Dak in college as well and I agree with you that he never showed up in the big games, hence whey he probably fell to the 4th round. Even though they lost in the divisional round of the playoffs, he played well, but was clearly overmatched by Aaron Rodgers. It will be interesting to see how he rebounds and if he can stay consistent now that defenses have all the game film on him.

  • They call me .2 says:

    I can’t stand the cowboys and most of there fans!!! It might be because I’ve lost the FF championship to a cowboys fan by .2 2 of the past 3 years. I will say I agree with everything in this article. Will say as much as it pains me to say I was wrong about Dak. I think out of all the QBs in that past 3-4 years he will be the one to over come the “sophomore slump” good read Danny!

  • Jarrod says:

    When they are worse this year because of a horrid defense is it his fault? Does this count as a sophomore slump?

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