Could The USC Trojans Actually End Their Rivalry With Notre Dame?

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Lincoln Riley and the USC Trojans are set to close up their 2024 college football season with a home date against the rival Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Nov. 30.

In their first season as a Big 10 program, this represents the culmination of what is going to be an absolutely brutal schedule for the Trojans.

It starts against LSU on Sep. 1. It also includes games against Michigan (road), Wisconsin (home), Penn State (home), Washington (road) and the rival UCLA Bruins (road).

Such is the nature of the beast when you attempt to earn that almighty cash by switching from the Pac-12 to the Big 10.

Apparently, Riley and Co. have been attempting to get out of this season’s opener against LSU. There are also now some who believe that USC should simply end its longstanding rivalry with Notre Dame.

“According to Saturday Down South, Lincoln Riley and USC have been trying to get out this year’s season opener against LSU. They are moving into the Big 10. They also have Notre Dame on the schedule,” Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports noted. “How much can we take here? “I’m going to ask a question. Why does USC have to keep playing Notre Dame? College football punted on history last year.”

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College Football Ended Tradition Years Ago: Why Is Notre Dame, USC Different?

USC Trojans, Notre Dame Fighting Irish
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Cowherd provided a great point in his analysis of the situation. College football doesn’t care about rivalries anymore. The new super-conferences coupled with long-standing rivalries ending eons ago add a new layer to this.

What happened to Notre Dame against Michigan? That’s no longer a thing in the college football world. Instead, it’s all about money. It’s about playing cupcake early-season schedules.

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“Think about what top programs in college football have to face. These are the big dogs, with the most talent like Alabama, Georgia, Texas, you’ve got to get through your conference schedule. Oh wait, they just added Texas and Oklahoma Sooners to the brutal SEC and USC, UCLA, Washington, and Oregon to the Big Ten,” Cowherd said.

“Then, if you can get through that, you have a conference championship game, and you might have to play one of those teams again. And then, we’re going to have a 12-team playoff, so you’re going to have to play four more of those teams, potentially.”

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Yes, Notre Dame and USC Trojans Still Makes Sense

NCAA Football: Southern California at Notre Dame
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That’s one point to be made. Trojans fans should be honest with themselves. Do you look more forward to playing the Irish than a traditional rival in that of the Bruins?

Here’s a rivalry that started all the way back in 1926. It’s been played every season outside of 1943-1945 due to World War II. They have won a combined 24 national championships and boast 15 Heisman winners.

From 112,912 showing up for their 1929 game inside Soldier Field to the “Bush Push,” this rivalry has stood the test of time.

Sure, tradition has ended in college football. In no way does this mean USC and Notre Dame should be pushed into the ash heap of history.

“They’ll watch the game and it’ll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they’ll have to brush them away from their faces.”

Yes, quotes from Field of Dreams are always relevant. Listen to Terence Mann, and push back against this foolishness.