Chargers Training Camp Position Battles: Wide Receiver | Who Misses The Cut? | Chargers Unleashed

Chargers Unleashed Podcast. Part Of The LAFB Network
Chargers Unleashed Podcast. Part Of The LAFB Network

In this episode, Dan Wolkenstein and Jake Hefner from the Chargers Unleashed Podcast and LAFB Network discuss the newest edition of the Los Angeles Chargers Position Battles series, focusing on the Chargers Wide Receiver position group, Chargers offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, and head coach Brandon Staley, as well as the depth chart for the chargers at the wide receiver position. We discuss how exciting it is to see the WR talent on this team and project what to expect from the chargers players in 2021. First, we discuss the chargers stats from 2021 for the wide receivers. Keenan Allen highlights from 2021, Mike Williams’ importance, 2021 NFL Draft, and 3rd round pick Josh Palmer is discussed. Then the guys go into detail on Jaylen Guyton, Tyron Johnson, Joe Reed, K.J. Hill, as well as recent chargers wide receiver Austin Proehl from the XFL and 49ers, and Jason Moore. Who will be Chargers Justin Herbert’s favorite weapon? What kind of wide receiver play schemes and route trees can we expect from this chargers position group in 2021? Did the Chargers draft the right players? What will the Chargers WR depth chart look like by the end of the season, who may miss the cut, and who will be able to impact chargers special teams the most? This latest Chargers podcast is a must-listen as we get ready up for Chargers training camp in July. Tune in!

Hosted by Jake Hefner and Dan Wolkenstein from the LAFB Network, Chargers Unleashed is a sports-focused podcast providing Los Angeles Chargers fans, writers, and listeners with news, team and game breakdowns, unique and refreshing perspectives, as well as exclusive special guest episodes with several NFL and Chargers players, HOF announcers, writers, insiders. and NFL Draft prospects. Chargers Unleashed prides itself on providing authentic Chargers coverage as a voice for Chargers fans, and in collaboration with Chargers fans worldwide.

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