LAFB 2022 Championship Weekend And Super Bowl Predictions

The LAFB Staff takes their best shot at predicting the Super Bowl and the Championship games.

Super Bowl Predictions: Who Will Take Home The Lombardi Trophy This Season Photo Credit: Nick Tomoyasu | LA Rams
Super Bowl Predictions: Who Will Take Home The Lombardi Trophy This Season Photo Credit: Nick Tomoyasu | LA Rams

As the start of the NFL season is upon, I wanted to write a couple of prediction articles and I decided to get the help of some of my colleagues here at LAFB. I collaborated with Ryan Dyrud, Ryan Anderson, Chase Bendel, Chauncey Telese, and Amar Desai to bring the first-ever LAFB Network’s 2022 Championship Weekend and Super Bowl Predictions.

Let us know who is right on and who is way off!

AFC Championship Picks

Steven – Bills Over Ravens

The Chargers have the ceiling to be playing in this game but I need to see them get to the playoffs and win a game before I can feel comfortable predicting them to reach that point. For now, I think the Bills and Josh Allen get the one seed and use that unique home-field advantage to come out on top of the AFC. The last time we saw Lamar Jackson quarterbacking the Ravens they were sitting atop the conference despite all the other injuries on the team. He will remind everyone just how good he is this year, and I love what they have done this offseason.

Chase – Chargers over Bills

I could see five different teams winning this game, but I believe the top 2 teams will ultimately make it with the Chargers winning. The Bills and Chargers have both gotten so close so many times over their histories. These are the 2 most talented teams on paper in the NFL. This is going to come down to the last possession and I think Justin Herbert will deliver. I can really see this going either way.

Chauncey – Chiefs over Colts

That’s right the Colts. My logic is that the Chiefs are better than people think as Patrick Mahomes has a better line and will be better without Tyreek Hill. Defensively their young talent will get them past the Broncos or Chargers. The Colts offense will stabilize and flourish with Matt Ryan and the defense will be improved with Stephon Gilmore

Ryan A – Bills over Chargers

Justin Herbert has been on a tear. He’s the leading contender for the NFL MVP. The Bills pass rush proves to be too much for the Chargers, forcing Herbert into playoff rookie mistakes.  Josh Allen on the other hand expertly maneuvers in the pocket. Dawson Knox has a career game on his way to the Super Bowl

Ryan D – Chargers Over Broncos

This is more of a fun fan scenario than reality…most likely. Both teams however have a superstar at the QB position and bright young head coaches. They also both have very solid defensive units with a lot of new faces. The AFC playoffs are going to be a gauntlet, and the Bengals showed us last year that you just need to get hot at the right time. Staley and Herbert go on a run and book their ticket for the Super Bowl in Glendale.

NFC Championship

Steven – Buccaneers over Packers

I don’t feel great about any of the contending teams in the NFC. This group of teams just has far more questions than the AFC contenders. At the end of the day, I trust Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to outperform their younger counterparts in the playoffs and then for Todd Bowles to construct a game plan to really bother the defending back-to-back MVP.

Chase – Packers over Buccaneers

I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Aaron Rodgers is one of my favorite athletes to ever watch, and he is so good when people doubt him. He has more doubters than ever with Davante Adams leaving. This game will feature the most accomplished quarterback ever; Tom Brady, and in my opinion, the most gifted quarterback ever; Aaron Rodgers. Despite this, this will come down to the defense in a cold January game in Green Bay. The Packers have an incredible defense that will make the day very difficult for Brady. 

Chauncey – Packers over Eagles

The Eagles take advantage of an easier path and are well-balanced enough to upset in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers manages to replace Adams production elsewhere and make the offense better and more balanced.

Ryan A – Rams over Vikings

Vikings shock the world by winning the NFC North. They take advantage of a weak NFC field cruising through the playoffs beating the Cardinals and the Packers. Rams secure a first-round bye. The Rams receiving corp proves too much for the Vikings defense. Matthew Stafford puts on a show and Kirk Cousins can not find the rhythm that seemed effortless for him throughout the season.

Ryan D – Rams over Buccaneers

This is getting kind of stale at this point, but there just isn’t much competition in the NFC. I like the Vikings and Eagles a lot more this year but will they have the fortitude to get past veteran teams like the Rams and Bucs? The Rams are set up nicely for a repeat run.

Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl Pick: Steven – Bills over Buccaneers

As a casual fan of roster building, I have loved what the Bills have done over the last few years. Whether it be trading for Stefon Diggs, drafting Gregory Rousseau, or signing Von Miller, they always seem to be pushing the right buttons. So far, the results have been palpable. They’ve made the playoffs each of the last three years but have not been able to get over the humpand beat those pesky Chiefs. Miller’s ability to close games out will help an already very good defense get there.

Super Bowl Pick: Chase – Chargers over Packers

Call me a homer all you want, but this is actually the first time I have picked the Chargers preseason to win the Super Bowl since the 2018 season when they went 12-4 and won a playoff game. There are so many players with a chip on their shoulder, and the Chargers finally get over the hump to win it all.

The game will stay fairly close most of the time but the Chargers will end the game kneeling the ball down up a touchdown to win the game. While Herbert wins MVP here, the player that will make the biggest difference next to him will be Khalil Mack, who probably is one of the most motivated players coming into this season.

Super Bowl Pick: Chauncey- Chiefs over Packers

The Chiefs remind everyone that they’re the class of the AFC despite everyone else moving heaven and earth to pass them. The Packers put up a fight but their defense isn’t quite good enough to win a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Pick: Ryan A – Rams over Bills

The first game of the season and the last game of the season. The Bills look thoroughly in command through the first half, but the Rams make a dramatic 4th quarter comeback punctuated by an Allen Robinson catch and run touchdown to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. The win avenges a loss in the team’s meeting in week one of the season.

Super Bowl Pick: Ryan D – Rams over Chargers

Yep, I did it—an all-LA Super Bowl. Call me an LAFB stan, or just a dreamer, but this would be an unbelievable game with so many storylines. It’ll probably come down to the last drive, but McVay, Stafford, and Aaron Donald add another ring to their long list of accomplishments.

Super Bowl Predictions: Who Will Take Home The Lombardi Trophy This Season Photo Credit: Nick Tomoyasu | LA Rams
Super Bowl Predictions: Who Will Take Home The Lombardi Trophy This Season Photo Credit: Nick Tomoyasu | LA Rams