Celebrities Who Are Fans Of The Los Angeles Rams

Danny Trejo And YG. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams Team Site.
Danny Trejo And YG. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams Team Site.

With the official order for the 2021 NFL draft out, football enthusiasts are eager to see their favorite team’s picks. The LA Rams, unfortunately, have limited draft capital, without a first or fifth-round pick. Even so, Rams fans are excited to see how their season plays out — including their celebrity fans.

Being so close to Hollywood, it’s no surprise that the LA Rams have some pretty famous supporters. So, read on to see which famous celebrities are die-hard Rams fans.



YG is a rapper known for hits like Stay Dangerous and Still Brazy. Apart from writing and performing his music, YG also owns a hip-hop label called 4Hunnid. Just last year, they announced a partnership with Epic Records. He also happens to be a huge LA Rams fan.

YG is fondly remembered for an interaction he had with the team in Season 2018 of the NFL. The Rams were up against the Minnesota Vikings. When Robert Wood scored a 31-yard TD, he spotted YG in the crowd and went over to celebrate with him. The two shared a high-five before Woods returned to the game.

We actually created a shirt capturing this moment that you can find below!

Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell played lovable dad Phil Dunphy on the hit series Modern Family. His other hobbies include fly-fishing and cooking (though he isn’t very good at either). And he also happens to be a lifelong Rams fan.

Burrell actually represented the team in the 2014 NFL Draft, back when they were still in St. Louis, Missouri. And when they played their first game in LA in 2016, Burrell was there to cheer them on.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a well-known comedian renowned for his long-standing stand-up career and appearances in hit comedy movies. Apart from making people laugh, a post on Poker.org also mentions that he’s fairly good at poker and that he plays regularly at charity poker tourneys. And — you guessed it — he’s a huge fan of the LA Rams.

In 2017, the comedian paid a visit to the team’s training camp at UC Irvine. He motivated the team with some words of encouragement and even participated in some of their drills. Surprisingly, the Jumanji actor wasn’t too shabby in the 40-yard dash!

Terry Crews

Lastly, we have Terry Crews, best known for his current role on the hit show Brooklyn Nine Nine. But the actor is far more talented than he lets on. It turns out he’s also a great artist! CNN.com reports that Crews even launched his own furniture collection.

And if that wasn’t enough, this particular LA Rams fan was actually drafted by the team back in 1991. During his stint as an NFL player, he spent time with a couple of other teams, but it seems he’s picked the Rams as his favorite.

The LA Rams have a pretty star-studded cast of supporters. And it’s certainly a great motivator for the players to know they’ve got the majority of Hollywood behind them when they step onto the turf.

We can’t wait to see the Rams in this year’s season. But if you want more content now, check out our recent post looking back on the Ram’s 2017 draft class. There, we take a careful look at how Head Coach Sean McVay’s first draft class played out.

Danny Trejo And YG. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams Team Site.

Danny Trejo And YG. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Rams Team Site.