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West Coast Mix And Bounce
SAD PodcastsWest Coast Mix & Bounce
September 22, 2019

EP 17: Sparks, Aces Struggle in WNBA Playoffs; USA Basketballs Falls Short

WNBA Playoffs; USA Basketball: In this week’s episode, Brauna and Leslie discuss west coast teams struggling in the WNBA playoffs and how USA Basketball

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LA Podfidential Podcast
LA PodfidentialSAD Podcasts
September 21, 2019

Episode 50: Rams Roll, Chargers Choke, and RIP AB

Episode 50: Wes and Chauncey celebrate a Rams win, talk about a Chargers loss, and debate if Eli is a Hall of Famer. Then they talk Cowboys, “Glow”, preview the Emmys, and then rank the best fictional QBs of all time.

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