Can New Defensive Coordinator D’Anton Lynn Turn Around The UCLA Defense In 2023?

Can the UCLA defense turn it around under new defensive coordinator, D'Anton Lynn

UCLA has struggled on the defensive side of the ball under head coach Chip Kelly, ranking poorly in national total defense statistics. These shortcomings have contributed to Kelly’s 27-29 record, despite the success of his elite offenses. With former defensive coordinator Bill McGovern transitioning to a role as director of football administration, Kelly has looked outside his typical circle for a fresh approach.

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Enter D’Anton Lynn, 33, the first defensive coordinator under Kelly without prior experience working for him. The son of former Chargers coach Anthony Lynn, D’Anton brings eight years of NFL experience, most recently as the safeties coach for the Baltimore Ravens.

UCLA’s defense has seen several key players depart for the NFL, further highlighting the need for a defensive turnaround. Despite these losses, the return of Grayson Murphy and Gabriel Murphy (“The Murphy Twins”) offers a bright spot for the Bruins’ defense. Lynn’s arrival could signal a shift in defensive schemes, potentially adapting to better suit the strengths of the returning players.

If Lynn can significantly improve the defensive performance of the Bruins, the team may be poised to contend for their first Pac-12 title in a while. With a new defensive coordinator and a slightly different approach, UCLA’s defense may finally complement the team’s potent offense, setting the stage for a brighter future.

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