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It’s time for a Seahawks fan to look at the reality of the sad state the team is in right now as I start breaking down Seattle’s Week 2. While Seahawks manage to get the win against the San Francesco 49ers in a 12-9 game, this game was really hard to watch as the Seahawks only managed to get one touchdown in a low-scoring┬ávictory while having home-field advantage. While I believe the Seahawks defense is still up to par, there are many noticeable flaws in their offensive game.

Breaking Down The Seattle Seahawks Week 2 Performance

While a lot of fans and critics alike have been criticizing the Seahawks for their poor offensive lineman, it’s also worth noting that Seahawks rushing game hasn’t been all that good since Marshawn Lynch left the team. However, I give props to Seahawks rookie running back, Chris Carson, who I felt had a pretty decent showing with 93 yards on 20 carries. Being only 23 years old, I see promise in him that maybe he could be their next breakout star of the team.

Russell Wilson completed 23 passes out of 39 attempts. One of the main points I’ve noticed about the Seahawks since this season has started is they’ve been having a rough time moving the ball down the field when discussing their passing game. Keep in mind the Seahawks’ only touchdown of this season took place in the late 4th quarter of their game last Sunday. And in my opinion, I believe the Seahawks defense is the main reason why their team hasn’t been completely dominated by their opponents despite giving up an average of 309 total yards in their first two games.

Final Point

In my final conclusion, while the Seahawks have lost momentum from their prior years when they were Super Bowl contenders, I still feel they have a lot of potential to be one of the best teams in the NFL. Keep in mind that I don’t have much criticism towards their defensive team, it’s really their offensive team that needs a lot of work. And if the Seahawks can find a way to “rebuild” their offensive game, then I think they can be a real threat.

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