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I felt that this was a much-needed win for the Seattle Seahawks as if they were to lose, they’d have the same record as the Cardinals, who are third in the NFC West division. Like many games the Seahawks have had this season, I felt this was another low scoring game where despite being victorious, they didn’t come off as impressive as I hoped for. And now with the Rams leading the NFC West division, it’s more difficult for the Seahawks to even make it in the playoffs, let alone try to get to the Super Bowl.

Reviewing The Seattle Seahawks Offense

I know I was a pretty critical of Russell Wilson‘s performance during the beginning of the season, but I must say, he’s done a lot better as the season progressed. Pulling off some pretty impressive stats with 22 completions out of 32 attempts and 2 touchdowns. I don’t have too much to critique of him, however, I can’t forget about their lackluster running game. The Seahawks running attack has not been very good all season, especially with Thomas Rawls only gaining 27 yards out of 10 carries. Their lack of success in running the ball could be because of the fact that also their offensive line needs major improvement, as many fans and critics alike have criticized it.

The Seahawks receiving corps has been very impressive this season, especially with Doug Baldwin. Baldwin is one of the more underrated receivers to many people as he is able to rack up a good amount of receiving yards. For example, Baldwin gained 95 yards in last Thursday’s game and I believe he has the potential to get even better.

Reviewing Seahawks Defense

The most positive thing I can say about the Seahawks defense from Thursday Night’s game is the fact that they prevented the Cardinals from scoring many points. And it’s also worth noting that the Cardinals stats were overall very low, with Drew Stanton completing only 24 completions out of 47 attempts and their whole offensive unit averaging 1.4 yards a carry in rushing.

One of the biggest stories of the game concerning their defense is Richard Sherman sustaining an injury after rupturing an Achilles tendon. It’s also being reported that he will indeed be out for the rest of the season. According to Sherman, “I thought I could get the ball. Once it popped, just unfortunate,” who was visibly emotional at times while addressing reporters. “One of those things that you have to play through for as long as you can. When it goes, it goes. Putting a lot of stress on himself to not be out with an injury and be able to play every game.”

This is extremely bad news for the Seahawks because one of the more redeemable qualities about the team, which is the defense, suffers by losing a Pro Bowl defensive player and a leader on the team. Absolutely one of the worst times to lose Sherman, especially when the playoffs are on the horizon and the Seahawks are falling second in their division against the Rams.


Overall, the Seahawks are slowly getting better as the season progresses. However, now that the Rams are in first place of the NFC West, I don’t have too much faith in the Seahawks to make it to playoffs, let alone win the division. The one positive scenario that may come out of the Rams winning many games is that could be a motivation boost for the team. Who knows, we may be witnessing a big rivalry between the Seahawks and the Rams, just like in 2013 when the Seahawks had their high-profile feud with the 49ers and won the Super Bowl that year.

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