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Breaking Down Seahawks Performance: Week 5

While the first few weeks of the Seahawks main season has been somewhat depressing for me as a Seahawks fan, I will admit I gained a lot of confidence for the Seahawks team overall when they racked up a 16-10 win against the Los Angeles Rams. While the game was somewhat of a low-scoring game and I believe this is a problem within the Seahawks offense, beating a team like the Rams, a team who’s been quite impressive since the beginning of the season, in Los Angeles, in my opinion, is a victory that should be celebrated. Not to mention the Seahawks managed to get on top of the NFC West division with their win over the Rams since they haven’t lost to any team yet in the NFC West.

Reviewing Seahawks offense

Russell Wilson ended up with 24 completions out of 37 attempts with 1 interception and 1 touchdown during the game. With stats like these, the one positive thing I can say is at least it comes off more impressive than Rams quarterback Jared Goff with 22 completions out of 47 attempts. However, when it comes to our running game, it’s a completely different story. The Seahawks running game overall averaged 2.5 yards carry with Eddie Lacy averaging 2.1 yards and Thomas Rawls averaging 2.5 yards. Now I understand that Seahawks offensive line needs a lot of work to improve, but I’ve noticed ever since Marshawn Lynch left the Seahawks, their running game hasn’t been the same. However, I felt the receiving wasn’t too bad since the Seahawk wide receivers completed 24 catches out of 36 passing attempts, with averaging about 8.3 yards. Five receivers got at least 3 catches during the game, which is nice to see that more players are being utilized.


Since that Seahawks will have a bye in week 6, I think this is the best opportunity to recharge their batteries and gain momentum when they face the Giants next week, despite them having an 0-5 record. There is still hope that the Seahawks can still be the dominant team that they once were. At least for their advantage, the NFC West isn’t even looking that good anyway, even though the Rams have been putting on impressive performances. We’re at least one-third finished with the season, which still means there’s a lot to see to determine if the Seahawks are still a top-ranked NFL team.

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