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Week 6 is in the books and week 7 kicks off tonight with the Oakland Raiders hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. These are the biggest surprises in the NFL thus far.

Deshaun Watson!

If I told you a rookie would be ranked no.1 in a stat column over Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, would you believe me? Guess what, you have no choice but to. Deshaun Watson has taken the lemons he was given and is making some lip-smacking lemonade.

After taking over for Tom Savage halfway through their week one contest, Deshaun Watson has thrown for a league-leading 15 touchdowns, rushed for 202 yards and 2 touchdowns, and is ranked 6th in QB rating (101.1). And the most hilarious thing of it all, 11 GMs passed on drafting him.  Keep doing your thing young man, your career is going to take-off in Houston!

The Rams

Last year, the Rams finished 3rd in their division with a disappointing 4-12 record. Now all of a sudden, The Rams are “numero uno” in their division with a 4-2 record.

Yes, that’s right, The Rams are number one over the notable Seahawks! Midway through the season, the Rams are leading the league in points scored (179) and are ranked 8th in total yard (2,101). Seems like they’re taking a page out of “How Stella got her groove back,” by bringing in the young Sean McVay as head coach.

Not to mention, they’ve brought in Wade Phillips as the Defensive Coordinator and Matt LaFleur as the offensive coordinator. Can the Rams continue to charge their way to the playoffs? Or will they fold? Stay tuned…

The Eagles Are 5-1

The Eagles are flying high! I repeat, the Eagles are soaring and it doesn’t look like they’ll be landing anytime soon. Carson Wentz is putting on a clinic halfway through his 2nd year by ranking 2nd in passing touchdowns (13), 5th in passing yards (1,584) and has only thrown 3 interceptions.

But let’s not discredit the defense as they have put in their fair share of work. Shout out to Jim Schwartz as the Eagles defense has a total of 14 sacks and caused 10 turnovers! These aren’t your daddy’s Eagles, these Eagles seem feisty.

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