Backing Up Matthew Stafford (Knock On Wood)

Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford Drops Back For A Pass During 2021 Training Camp. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network
Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford Drops Back For A Pass During 2021 Training Camp. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network

If Matthew Stafford wasn’t already the most important player on the Rams this season then the Cam Akers injury cements it. Keeping Matthew Stafford upright and giving him the best scheme to succeed will determine whether or not the Rams win a title. The stakes are that high and this task got a lot tougher with one less running back and the added extra game.

Stafford’s time in Detroit with zero running game and a pedestrian line caused him to get beaten like a rented mule. He’s been durable and he’s only 33 but as a wise man once said: “It’s not the years it’s the mileage”. The Rams have bigger fish to fry but backing up Matthew Stafford with someone who won’t derail the offense should (knock on wood) anything befalls Clayton Kershaw’s best friend.

John Wolford

In terms of backing up Stafford, they have the perfect plan B in the Wolf of Ball Street. He had his first start in week 17 after Goff went down with a thumb injury and instantly became a hero. He opened up the offense in a way that clearly liberated Sean McVay and fans didn’t have to hold their breath every time a pass was thrown.

Wolford made the jet sweeps and handoffs pop again because he’s quick enough to make the play before the defenders can sniff it out. He can rip it downfield and hit his target in stride. He performed admirably before he got decked in Seattle. Should Stafford go down (KNOCK ON WOOD) Wolfie would keep the train running.

Bryce Perkins

Now, should Stafford be unable to play and (KNOCK ON WOOD) Wolfie for some reason unable to fulfill his duties, then next in line is Bryce Perkins. There isn’t a lot of data on Bryce Perkins since he’s only in his second year, but he has the kind of mobility that could make him absolutely dynamite in a pinch.

There is obviously going to be a significant dropoff from Stafford to Perkins but Perkins has a lot of assets that would make him worthy of backing up Stafford. He’s a mobile quarterback rushing for 20 touchdowns at Virginia. That might seem like a grasp at straws but in terms of third-string quarterbacks, he’s probably one of the more promising options.

Devlin Hodges

Quack quack! That’s right the Rams break in case of emergency option (assuming he isn’t cut) is the Duckman himself. Hodges was responsible for beating the Sean McVay Rams in 2019 (largely because the offense hit rock bottom) but Hodges started most of the 2019 season. His stats weren’t great he threw five touchdowns on eight picks with 1,063 yards. Duckman can be molded into something resembling a quarterback that can weather a catastrophic storm where all three quarterbacks are accidentally jettisoned naked into outer space. Once more (KNOCK.ON.WOOD.)

Sean McVay no longer has to worry about what his starting quarterback can or can’t do and in case his new muse has to go on ice, he’s not completely screwed. He knows he can ride with Wolford but he also has Perkins and Hodges to mold in his image should things turn sour. Most teams would kill for even one solid backup quarterback and thankfully the Rams don’t have to.