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Atlanta Falcons Running Back Tevin Coleman. Photo Credit: Thomson 20192 – Under Creative Commons License

Tevin Coleman is the second half of one of the best backfields in the NFL. Devonta Freeman is the clear cut starter, while Coleman fills in when needed. This arrangement may change slightly in the next couple of years.

This off-season the Atlanta Falcons made Freeman the highest paid running back in the league. Rewarding their star running back for consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and 22 rushing touchdowns over the same span.

So how does a mega deal for Freeman effect Coleman? Well, the investment in Freeman can only mean one of two things: They plan to trade Coleman in two years, or they plan to pay him.

Trading Tevin Coleman

In order for a trade to be beneficial, the value of the object leaving must be at it’s highest. One of the best ways to boost the value of a running back like Coleman is to increase his touches.

This is a win-win situation for the Falcons. Atlanta gets the services of a talented running back, and the league gets to see just how good he is.

Using Coleman in a variety of situations to shoulder some of the load also allows the Falcons to protect their investment. Though taking carries away from Freeman may seem counterproductive, come playoff time, the Falcons will be glad they did.

Paying Tevin Coleman

In 2019, Tevin Coleman will be an unrestricted free agent. Atlanta has the option to pay him elite money to ensure running back production for years to come or let him walk.

The case to keep Coleman around is strong. To have a home grown, dual threat running back is what every head coach wishes for. And at the moment, head coach Dan Quinn has just that.

Tevin Coleman is the best insurance policy a team can have for a high priced investment. A capable back-up that can be just as dynamic and productive as the starter.

In a league that prides itself on strategy, the Atlanta Falcons may have set themselves up for success for many years to come. Tevin Coleman may be the future of the Falcons backfield, or he may be the trade that starts a dynasty.

Danny Rendon

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