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Former WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio was recently interviewed by Medio Tiempo, a Spanish news site. During the interview, Del Rio, who is currently wrestling under the name Alberto El Patron, shared that he has spoken with Triple H and used the opportunity to apologize for verbally attacking him. He stated that he is hopeful that he will be able to return to the WWE to wrestle before he hangs up his trunks and retires in 2019.

Del Rio left the WWE in 2016 and after leaving he had nothing good to say to any media outlet or on social media about the WWE or about Triple H. He even made a habit of degrading the company during his promos for Impact Wrestling.

Alberto received a lot of media attention in 2017, but the majority of it was connected to his arduous relationship with WWE star Paige. Paige and Del Rio went their separate ways in late 2017 and Paige made her long-awaited return to the WWE.

According to Del Rio, his current contract with Impact Wrestling expires in early spring. It is his hope that he can spend the remainder of 2018 wrestling for the WWE.

During his latest interview, Del Rio states:

“I apologized to Triple H for the issues we were in when I was in the relationship with my ex-partner. She and her entire family made me believe that those who affected our relationship were them, specifically him.

Of course, I would go back (to WWE), I would not go back full time, but I would make a special appearance before I hang up my wrestling boots and it will surely happen, surely before I retire I will do something special with them. I see a very difficult 2018, but in 2019 before leaving I’m definitely going to do something with them, we shook hands and everything is fine right now. Time heals wounds.”

It appears instead of giving Triple H a true apology he instead attempted to place his issues all on Paige’s shoulders. Triple H has yet to make a comment on the situation.

Del Rio has made his desire to return to the WWE clear and now only time will tell if Triple H is willing to bring him back aboard or remind him that he was the one who burned down the bridge.

Tammy Rose

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