5 Surprising Potential Roster Cuts For The Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers Home Field At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Dan Wolkenstein | Chargers Unleashed Podcast | LAFB Network
Los Angeles Chargers Home Field At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Dan Wolkenstein | Chargers Unleashed Podcast | LAFB Network

The time has come. Yes, camps are finally here after a 2020 offseason without proper camps due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that said, there is a lot to be happy about surrounding the Los Angeles Chargers organization. The Chargers crushed free agency and hit a 490-foot home run with both the NFL Draft and their head coaching hire. The Chargers have some difficult decisions to make as the time comes closer for the team to make some roster cuts.

With that said, let’s examine five players who could be surprising roster cuts when the season rolls around in September.

Chargers 5 Surprising Roster Cuts

One by one, shall we? Now, deep breath because some of these might surprise you on the surface. However, don’t panic.

Chargers Roster Cut #1: K.J. Hill, WR

Unfortunately, K.J. Hill doesn’t appear to be a fit on this squad. The Chargers drafted Hill in the 7th round of the 2020 draft after his shocking fall on draft weekend.

He became a full-time returner essentially in his rookie year and wasn’t all that effective. On the other hand, the Chargers also drafted Joe Reed a few rounds earlier, and Reed profiles with a few more tools that could force Hill out of Los Angeles.

The Chargers wide receiver room is crowded, with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Jalen Guyton, Tyron Johnson, Reed, and incoming rookie Joshua Palmer. Hill– and perhaps one more– could likely be let go and search for work.

The Chargers spending a 7th round pick on Hill won’t be a tough pill to swallow by any means, although the talent Hill flashed at Ohio State was something else.

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Chargers Roster Cut #2: Michael Badgley, K

Anthony Lynn is gone and with that departure could be the departure of the Money Badger, who was anything but money last season for the Chargers. Badgley was wildly inconsistent. In fact, he was so inconsistent that Lynn would bypass a mid-range field goal attempt and bring the offense back out.

With Staley there and fresh new coaching staff, it could end up being a bad sign for Badgley if he doesn’t kick the lights out of SoFi Stadium over the course of the next couple of months.

The Chargers brought in Tristan Vizcaino— who has already impressed early on– and signed undrafted free agent Alex Kessman. If you are confident in your kicker, would you bring in TWO viable options for competition? Absolutely not.

Truth be told, Badgley’s days in Chargers blue could be numbered.

Chargers Roster Cut #3: Joshua Kelley, RB

Wow, right?

Yes and no. The Chargers took Kelley rather early in the 2020 draft, much to the dismay of fans and essentially the entirety of Chargers Twitter. Kelley underwhelmed majorly. In fact, he disappointed so much that the Chargers brought in Kalen Ballage, who was cut by the New York Jets, to take the starting job in the absence of Austin Ekeler in the middle of the season.

Fast forward to the 2021 draft and the Chargers selected Larry Rountree III out of Missouri. Why take a back when you have Kelley, Ekeler, and Justin Jackson? It’s simple.

The team doesn’t believe in one of Jackson or Kelley, and Jackson showed a lot of promise when he was healthy last season. The former UCLA Bruin could be on the open market sooner than expected, and the Tom Telesco pitchfork committee would be out in full force.

Chargers Roster Cut #4: Stephen Anderson, TE

Another offensive player gets cut. Honestly, the Chargers’ offense has much more depth overall than their defense, especially after their free agency period.

Jared Cook, Tre’ McKitty, and Donald Parham are a solid group as is, so Anderson doesn’t really need to stick on the roster.

Parham has shown flashes of being the starting tight end after Cook leaves, and McKitty is a rookie that the Chargers spent a decent draft pick on so he obviously isn’t going anywhere.

Worst case, Anderson gets sent to the practice squad, but with three tight ends on the roster, there really is no need.

Chargers Roster Cut #5: Jalen Guyton, WR

Another offensive player. Did I mention the overflow of talent offensively? However, this is the least likely roster cut and would be the most surprising.

The Chargers will carry 10 linemen, which they desperately need. This is not a knock on Guyton, rather bad luck. It seems very likely that the Chargers might consider keeping Hunter Kampmeyer on the roster due to his versatility.

The wide receiver room would include Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Josh Palmer, Tyron Johnson, and Joe Reed, and could include K.J. HIll as well if they decided to keep him.

It seems likely that one of Guyton, Hill, or Reed get cut, but Joe Lombardi would love to use Reed as a gadget-type player, thus making Guyton and Hill the odd men out.

Either way, the Chargers have some interesting decisions to make on both sides of the football, although primarily on the offensive side of things. Which Chargers roster cut would be the most surprising?