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A lot of people know about the 49ers and that they have not won a game yet. Being 0-9 doesn’t really make people think of a team that would bring any type of excitement of any kind, but if anyone has watched them they could be one of the most exciting 0-9 teams in NFL history.  So could the 49ers be one of the most exciting 0-9 teams?

49ers – Most Exciting 0-9 team?

5 Games of losing by 3 or less:

This one people would know about if they have been watching anything about the 49ers. Losing five straight games by three points or less, multiple overtimes, and breaking an NFL record by doing so. If anyone has watched some of these games, they would have watched the 49ers fall behind and then make a comeback just to get to that overtime. At times the 49ers have made it exciting to watch a team lose. It’s not that the 49ers wanted to lose nor did anyone else, but it was exciting to watch.

Eagles game:

The Eagles game doesn’t seem, from the score, to be something that was exciting. The score ended up seeming like a team that didn’t do much of anything.  Everyone who watched the first half knows that it was a kind of back and forth slugfest. The 49es were able to hang with the Eagles to the point that the score was only 3-0 as it was getting towards the end of the first half. The 49ers ended up having a couple moments that led them away from what they were doing. The moments that took a 3-0 game and then had them losing 17-0 was a pass interference and an interception. A team everyone thinks is at the bottom of the barrel in the NFL was going toe to toe with a team everyone thinks is at the top of the barrel in the NFL.

John Lynch and Carlos Hyde:

A team that is 0-9 is still doing things to get behind each other. Carlos Hyde
stood up for his QB, and then the GM stood up for his running back who stood up for his quarterback. I’m not saying getting into a fight or anything like that is a good thing, but they are a team still getting behind each other even though they can’t fight for any type of playoff spot. Something like that can be exciting for fans and players. If they can get behind each other when they are 0-9, that could be exciting for everyone for what would happen if they weren’t 0-9.

Jimmy G:

The 49ers decided to trade for a QB that other teams wanted and were looking at. A lot of teams, even the Patriots, who wanted him as their QB. Maybe not right away, but some who think he could be their future. The 49ers from a record standpoint don’t have much to be excited about, but to have this type of excitement from a guy who hasn’t played much in the NFL up to this point.

A team that is 0-9 has done things to not only help themselves but help anyone watching them remain into this season. They have done things that also help themselves and others remain into what is going to happen in the future.


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