2023 Rams Draft Picks: Key Additions To Bolster The Trenches

The first three Rams draft picks were used in the trenches. A look at all three new linemen.

The Los Angeles Rams, keen on addressing their roster holes, have made significant moves in the 2023 NFL Draft. Focusing on protecting quarterback Matthew Stafford and enhancing their defensive line, the first three Rams draft picks show a commitment to fortifying their core for the upcoming season.

Rams Draft Picks: 2nd And 3rd Round

Round 2, No. 36 overall: Steve Avila, G, TCU

The Rams’ offensive line struggled last season, allowing 59 sacks and ranking 30th in the NFL. Their first pick, Esteban Avila, adds much-needed depth and versatility to the unit. A three-year starter at TCU, Avila played every position on the offensive line except left tackle, starting all 15 games at left guard in 2022. This selection is in line with the Rams’ strategy to strengthen their offensive line, following their 2022 third-round pick, Wisconsin guard Logan Bruss.

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Rams Draft Pick
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Round 3, No. 76 overall: Byron Young, DE, Tennessee

Looking to replace Leonard Floyd, who led the team in sacks and pressures last year, the Rams selected defensive end Byron Young. A slippery pass-rusher with an explosive first step, Young is a disruptive run defender who penetrates quickly and changes direction well in the backfield. While he needs to improve his strength against the run, Young is expected to make an immediate impact as a pass-rusher and develop into a starter early in his career.

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Round 3, No. 89 overall: Kobie Turner, DT, Wake Forest

Kobie Turner, an undersized interior defensive lineman, was the Rams’ third pick. Despite his size, Turner is known for his relentless work ethic, heavy hands, and excellent balance and flexibility. Turner is a tough and underrated prospect who can anchor down and get into the backfield quickly. His motor runs hot, and he’s a solid run defender who will add value to the Rams’ defensive line.

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With these three promising draft picks, the Rams have demonstrated their commitment to addressing key roster needs. Avila’s addition to the offensive line should help protect Stafford and improve the team’s overall performance.

Young and Turner, meanwhile, will bolster the Rams’ defensive line, providing a more robust front against opposing offenses. The Rams have long tried to capitalize on teams double-teaming Aaron Donald and hopefully, these two guys can anchor the pass rush. These moves indicate a focus on athleticism by the Rams this year, with all three guys so far being great athletes.