Chargers Free Agency Update: A Breakdown Of All 12 Moves

Chargers Free Agency Tracker! All the moves, All in one place!

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Chargers Free Agency Tracker

Easton Stick Resigned in Chargers Free Agency
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Chargers Free Agency: Easton Stick Re-Signed

Easton Stick was signed to a one-year, $1.8 million contract with $1,152,500 guaranteed. This signals that Stick is now the backup for Justin Hebert moving forward. Chase Daniel is currently an unrestricted free agent and served as Herbert’s primary backup last year. Daniel is coming off a one-year $2 million contract with $1,120,000 guaranteed.

It isn’t easy to be completely confident in Stick’s signing, as he’s played very little football outside of preseason. Daniel is 36 though, so it makes sense to go with a younger player in the position.

With Stick as the primary backup, hopefully, he’ll get more playing time this offseason in order to make sure he’s ready if needed to step in for Herbert.

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Chargers Free Agency: Eric Kendricks is Signed

The former Vikings middle linebacker was signed to a two-year $13,250,000 contract with $6,750,000 guaranteed. Eric Kendricks will serve as Drue Tranquill’s replacement now that Tranquill was signed to the Chiefs last Friday.

Kendrick’s tackle number has remained high throughout the last couple of years, having had 137 combined in 2022 and 143 in 2021, and his STOPs number has stayed consistently in the 30s and 40s throughout the seasons. He’s typically reliable when it comes to wide receiver coverage, though last year, he received a grade from Pro Football Focus (PFF) of 45, which is the second lowest he’s ever gotten in that area. So that is going to be something to watch out for this coming season.

Chargers Free Agency: Morgan Fox is Re-Signed

Defensive lineman Morgan Fox was re-signed to a two-year $7,250,000 contract with $3,750,000 guaranteed. Fox played a total of 615 snaps last year, a career-high along with highs in everything else including sacks (seven), STOPs (24), quarterback hurries (29), and combined tackles (38). When given the chance, Fox played multiple defensive line positions, stepping up to the plate in a big way for the team when they needed it most, and it’s great to see him get paid.

Drue Tranquill Is No Longer A Charger

Inside linebacker Drue Tranquill, despite career-highs, last season in snaps played (1,051), sacks (five), quarterback hurries (seven), STOPs (53), receiving touchdowns (two), and combined tackles (146), is no longer a Charger. He agreed to a one-year $5 million contract with the Chiefs.

Despite the addition of Kendricks, it is sad the Chargers weren’t able to re-sign him. He added so much to a defense that was often in disarray due to injury, and he was just getting started. Adding insult to injury, he is going to a division rival that already has two Super Bowl wins in recent history, when the Chargers are yet to win one. He’s a crucial weapon that will unfortunately be turned against the Chargers this coming season.

Chargers Free Agency: Foster Sarell Is Tendered

Right tackle Foster Sarrell was tendered by the Chargers. Sarell played limited snaps when Trey Pipkins was out due to injury, he only allowed two sacks and six quarterback hits, and double digits in quarterback pressures (20) and hurries (12). He did also step in at left tackle during the Wild Card game for Jamaree Salyer and held his own in a high-pressure moment. If he’s signed, he’s a decent enough player to get the job done when needed, and some of the mistakes can likely be chalked up to growing pains, as this was his first year playing in regular season games.

Chargers Free Agency: Cameron Dicker Is Tendered

‘Dicker the Kicker’ was tendered recently and was a reliable replacement for the Chargers this past season for what seemed like a revolving door of replacement kickers. He made 24 of the 26 field goals attempted, and his average hang time for kickoff returns was 4.07 seconds. For a rookie who came in mid-season, he did a great job, and hopefully, the Chargers keep him, as he would most likely cost less than Dustin Hopkins, who is around until his contract finishes in 2025.

Austin Ekeler Is Granted Permission To Seek Trade

See my article written about Ekeler that went up last Monday. Despite wanting him to get paid, I’m crossing my fingers that no teams offer him a lot of money.

Matt Feiler Is Released

The Chargers released offensive left guard Matt Feiler. Per Over the Cap, since he was cut pre-June 1st, the Chargers only had to pay $2 million in dead money and got a cap savings of $6.5 million. Feiler was already included in my cap casualties article from a few weeks ago, and I’ve often written about how he’s not the solution for the position.

This gives the team some extra funds to either go out and draft someone or find someone who may be able to replace him that’s already on the team, like Sayler, who played guard among other positions in college.

Chargers Free Agency: Trey Pipkins Agreed to Terms

Offensive right tackle Pipkins agreed to terms with the Chargers for a three-year $21,750,000 deal with $13,250,000 guaranteed. Despite some injury issues, Pipkins had a productive season and worked well with right guard Zion Johnson. And though he allowed double digits in quarterback hurries and pressures, according to PFF, Pipkins only allowed three sacks and got an overall pass blocking grade of 65.4%. Now that he’ll have the full summer to get healthy and practice at the position instead of switching off reps with Storm Norton, he should be in a much better space for this upcoming season.

Nasir Adderley Announces Retirement

Safety Nasir Adderley announced his retirement last Thursday. He played 2,767 snaps for the Chargers in the previous four seasons. The 2022 season was a bit up and down as he was benched during the Week 5 game against the Browns and only played two snaps during the Wild Card game against Jacksonville.

Despite a less-than-perfect season, he had 10 STOPs and tied Michael Davis for the season with 62 combined tackles. When Adderley was on, he was really on, and if you revisit the Week 7 Seahawks game, you’ll see that he could occasionally be a coverage master.

Adderley was a free agent coming into this season and it wasn’t exactly clear if he was going to be re-signed, given his lack of playing time in that crucial Wild Card game. His retirement is bittersweet, as his veteran presence will be missed, but perhaps Alohi Gilman can fill his spot permanently, given that Gilman is signed until 2024.

Chargers Free Agency: Donald Parham Re-signed

Tight end Parham agreed to a two-year $2,650,000 contract. Though battling injury throughout the 2022 season, Parham still had one receiving touchdown and 153 receiving yards. He also added a little more protection for Herbert and was only responsible for one sack, one quarterback hit, and one hurry. There were no five-sack games for Herbert when Parham played. If he has a healthy season, Parham will be able to contribute to the team and the protection for Herbert in a more substantial way.

Chargers Free Agency: JK Scott Agrees to Terms

Punter Scott agreed to terms on a two-year $4 million contract. I’ve sung the praises of Scott time and time again throughout my pieces, and I’m really glad to see him making a home with the Chargers. He had a career-high in timers of kicks inside the 20-yard line this past season and was only .03 seconds down from his highest hang-time of 4.74 in 2021. He’s a reliable presence that will surely allow the special teams unit to continue excelling this season.