2020 Week 2 Waiver Wire Wonders

www.allproreels.com - from Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field, September 13, 2020. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels | Under Creative Commons License
www.allproreels.com - from Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field, September 13, 2020. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels | Under Creative Commons License

FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY! Howdy and welcome in to your favorite sports insight LAFBNetwork.com. Today we’re going to be covering some wavier adds for your Week 2 matchups. Whether you won or lost, this week is going to be your week. So let’s get rockin!

2020 Week 2 Waiver Wire Wonders


(IND) Philip Rivers @ Minnesota Vikings

owned in about 27% of fantasy leagues

If it wasn’t clear that the Vikings have a lackluster defense, then maybe Aaron Rodgers’ stat line might help you: 32 of 44, 364 passing yards and four scores through the air. Pee-yew does it stink in Minnesota right now.

Which means its time to start cashing in on other player’s treasures. Rivers should be a smash play if you are streaming QBs this week. With Marlon Mack down, Philip Rivers is going to have to shoulder even more of this Colts squad.

(JAC) Gardner Minshew @ Tennessee Titans

owned in about 26% of fantasy leagues

If we’re talking about stat lines, we should check out Minshew’s stats from Week 1. He finished 19 of 20, 173 passing yards, and three TDs, totaling 22.6 fantasy points. Not too shabby for a QB throwing less than 200 passing yards.

Minshew also sprinkled in five rushing attempts for 19 yards but that’s less impressive. However, it does show his scrambling ability and his ability to extend plays.

(CHI) Mitchell Trubisky vs New York Giants

owned in about 3% of fantasy leagues

Trubisky finds his way on our waiver wire wonders after coming back on the Detroit Lions. Going into halftime the Bears were down 13 to 6. THEN after the 3rd, they were down 23 to 6. But that was it for Trubisky and the Bears. In the 4th quarter, Trubisky lit up the Lions for three TDs through the air. One to Jimmy Graham, then Javon Wims, and finally Anthony Miller.

He found his groove in the 4th and we can see why. In just the 4th quarter alone he was 8 of 10 for 89 passing yards. He might not be an immediate start for Week 2 if you can help it but with Nick Foles breathing down his neck for the start, I would like to have Mitchell Trubisky on my roster.

Running Back

(LAR) Malcolm Brown @ Philadelphia Eagles

owned in about 26% of fantasy leagues

We all saw Sunday Night Football this past week and boy was it getting annoying hearing Malcolm Brown’s name all the time. I personally had Cam Akers starting in some matchups so you can understand my heartache each time Malcolm touched the ball. Especially against a supposedly stout Dallas defense.

Brown finished the game with 18 rushing attempts, which was four more than Akers but he also had a majority of the success in the running game. 26 fantasy points is what he garnered and that came from 79 rushing yards with two scores AND three receptions for 31 yards. If there is a committee surfacing in Los Angeles, I want a piece of it.

(IND) Nyheim Hines vs Minnesota Vikings

owned in about 20% of  fantasy leagues

As mentioned before Marlon Mack is on the IR for a torn Achilles. This means Jonathan Taylor is going to get that start that everyone anticipated at the beginning of the season, but it also means Nyheim Hines might find his way to fantasy relevancy.

Remember when Philip Rivers had Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon in Los Angeles? Of course, you do. For us PPR players you might focus on Ekeler and how he was a constant fantasy play because of Rivers’ use of his RBs in the passing game. Well subtract the logo and Austin Ekeler and you have Nyheim Hines.

Hines also has the added security of knowing the offense. And between him and Taylor, it was very noticeable. Taylor finished with nine rushes for 22 yards and six receptions for 67 yards, while Hines had seven attempts for 28 yards and a score, as well as eight receptions for 45 yards and a score.

(NYJ) Frank Gore / Josh Adams vs San Francisco 49ers

Gore owned in 4% of fantasy leagues

Adams owned in 0% of fantasy leagues

So I know you guys aren’t exactly looking for someone on Adam Gace’s football team but as of Sunday Night, Le’Veon Bell is going to be out for a month or so with a hammy injury. That leaves longtime vet Frank Gore and three year back Josh Adams to carry the ball for the Jets. Either player might be more of an add prospect for deeper leagues but if I were to pick between the two, Josh Adams would be the one I’d want on my roster.

He had fewer rushing attempts than Gore (2 to 6) but was involved more in the passing game. Sure the Jets had only 14 rushing attempts with their RBs but with hindsight on our side, it might be viable to see Adams catching that ball more with the Jets being down in the games ahead.

(PIT) Benny Snell vs Denver Broncos

owned in 18% of fantasy leagues

Shocker! James Conner didn’t finish a football game opening night for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But what shouldn’t shock the fantasy community is Benny Snell tearing it up in Conner’s absence. This trend might look familiar from last season when Conner’s 10 games looked very similar to Snell’s 11.

Benny Snell finished last season with 108 rushing attempts for 426 rushing yards and two TDs, while James Conner concluded with 116 attempts for 464 yards and four scores. Naturally, Conner is going to have the receiving advantage if we were to compare both players as a whole, but if we’re talking running game; Snell and Conner are really only 40 yards and two scores different.

When Conner is off the field Snell steps in as the rushing back but Jaylen Samuels comes in for the receiving portion of the work. Last season Samuels suited up 13 times and finished with 47 completions for 305 yards and one TD. Currently, Samuels is only 1% owned in leagues and I would only consider for deep leagues and if James Conner is going to be out for a significant amount of time.

Wide Receiver

(LAC) Mike Williams vs Kansas City Chiefs

owned in about 45% of fantasy leagues

There are two reasons why I would try to nab Williams off the waivers this week.

  1. Look at the team they are going against. The Chiefs are going to bring the points when it comes to football games. So like playing your cousin in Madden, you have to anticipate an air show. Of course, you’re going to want Keenan Allen but Mike Williams might be just as good for half the price.
  2. Mike Williams actually led the Chargers in targets last week against the Bengals. Allen finished with eight, Austin Ekeler had ONE, and Williams finished with nine. I would also like to mention that Williams and Allen account for two of the three receivers that lined up for LA on Sunday. Hopefully, this continues against the Chiefs.

(CAR) Robby Anderson / Curtis Samuel @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Anderson owned in about 32% of fantasy leagues

Samuel owned in about 31% of fantasy leagues

As mentioned in a few articles of mine, as well as all over the league, Teddy Bridgewater is under center now for the Carolina Panthers. For people who drafted D.J. Moore, this brought a tad bit of worry in your eyes, and here’s why.

Against the Raiders, Moore had nine targets but Anderson and Samuel both had eight. Not only that, but Anderson also had the breakout game with six receptions, 115 yards, and one TD. Samuel had five receptions for 38 and Moore finished with four and 54 yards.

Definitely a game that might have left some D.J. Moore owners with a lot of questions. The primary one being, who is really the number one WR in Carolina? The talent and depth chart says D.J. Moore but don’t be surprised if either one of these men continues to steal targets away.

Between the two players, I think I’d rather roster Samuel. Anderson had one breakaway score for 75 yards and if you take that out of his stats, he would’ve only had 40 yards.

(IND) Parris Campbell vs Minnesota Vikings

owned in about 22% of fantasy leagues

If you didn’t know it, now you will. T.Y. Hilton and Parris Campbell were dead even in targets (9) this past Sunday. Unfortunately, that was the only thing that was equivalent. Parris Campbell caught six of his nine for 71 yards and no score, while Hilton received four of those nine for 53 yards.

18 yards difference isn’t exactly an eye-opener but Philip Rivers has the reputation to not only have a stud number one receiver but to also feed his number two enough to keep him fantasy relevant. Mike Williams could argue that statement because in 2019 he finished with over 1,000 yards (1,001) and 90 targets.

Tight End

(PHI) Dallas Goedert vs Los Angeles Rams

owned in about 55% of fantasy leagues

I know this is a wavier article and Goedert is just over the 50% mark, but hole-ee-cow did he have a game against the Washington Football Team. He finished as the number one TE this week with eight receptions for 101 yards and one TD; 24.1 fantasy points for those of you counting.

Either way, he might be one of those players that you want to snag on the waiver wire this week because if he’s hot now, he may cost you an arm and a leg if you really need him down the road. Plus Zach Ertz, the primary TE for the Eagles, hasn’t finalized a contract yet with Philadelphia, so this might be the year that Goedert takes his shot at Ertz’s job.

(CHI) Jimmy Graham vs New York Giants

owned in about 5% of fantasy leagues

From a guy that might be owned already, to another that may be itching to be on your team. Jimmy Graham finds his way on this week’s article because of his stout performance against the Lions. Stout might be too lavish for Graham’s outcome this week but his stats are eye-catching.

He finished with seven targets, only three receptions, 25 yards, and a score but what I like are those targets. Jimmy Graham actually finished second in targets behind Allen Robinson (9) and beat out fellow colleague Anthony Miller. Miller ultimately was the fantasy option to have in the Chicago offense but that might be for another article!

www.allproreels.com - from Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field, September 13, 2020. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels | Under Creative Commons License

www.allproreels.com – from Washington Football Team vs. Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field, September 13, 2020. Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels | Under Creative Commons License