10 Things We Need To See From The Los Angeles Chargers In Hard Knocks

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The Los Angeles Chargers And Los Angeles Rams Will Battle Throughout The Season For Supremacy In The City Of Angels

HBO Hard Knocks has announced it will be doing the LA thing, by having both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers featured this year. This will be the first time the Chargers are featured, and the first time the show has featured two franchises.

What Do We Want? Here Are 10 Things We Should See From The Chargers

1. Maybe we should start off by what we don’t want. We do not want to see any Chargers’ player or coach experience an Antonio Cromartie awkward moment on Hard Knocks. It’s a low bar…but.

2. This is a historic time. Seeing how the players embrace or refrain from talking about the protests that may happen and that are currently happening will not only be great television but is bigger than football and should be aired and discussed. Life, it seems, has seeped into the sports world.

3. Will there be an appearance by Colin Kaepernick in Chargers baby blue? Head Coach Anthony Lynn has stated, “ It would be crazy to not have him on your workout list.” So are the Chargers going to give Kaepernick a tryout?

4. Speaking of Kaepernick, he might even appear on the Rams side of the field. We are officially on the Kaepernick watch.

5. Tyrod Taylor saga. While this is the first time for the Chargers it isn’t the first time for Taylor. If you remember when Hard Knocks was in Cleveland, it was Baker Mayfield‘s rookie year and Taylor was the prohibitive starter. We know how that ended for Taylor. Deja vu all over again?

6. Speaking of rookies, hello Justin Herbert. It will be interesting to see how Herbert “fits”. Is this a quarterback battle or is he resigned to watching from the sidelines for a year? How much fight does the kid have?

7. SoFi Stadium will be on prominent display. Why have a five billion dollar stadium that may not sit a fan in 2020 and not show off its splendor? Watch carefully, this may be as close to actually being in the stadium anyone gets this year.

8. Chris Harris Jr.’s experience is tailor-made for this. An Undrafted cornerback who has made four Pro Bowls, played eight years with the same team only to sign with its division rival. This is what television was made for my friends.

9. I’m curious to see how the television crew practices social distancing. Will they wear masks? Will, the players wear masks? What players are going to test positive and will they be quarantined?

10. We all remember Joey Bosa‘s rookie hold-out. It is always exciting when the words Bosa and contract are mentioned in the same breathe. Hopefully, no holdout looms as this is his final year.

11 (Bonus). Is this the only football we will have this year? I Don’t even want to put that thought in the universe. But will this give us an idea?

I’ll take NFL in the form of Hard Knocks because well it is football and hopefully a precursor of things to come.

What is the one thing you want to see from this dual Hard Knocks?

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